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Low-frequency signal generator G3-104 (G3104, G3 104, G-3104, G 3104, GЗ104, GЗ-104, GЗ 104)
Heterodyne type (in beats) with automatic frequency sweep.
Frequency range - 20Hz-40kHz (continuous), detuning ± 100Hz

The basic error of frequency - ± (1 +200 / ƒ)%

The weakening of the output voltage - 0 dB, 100 dB
Dimensions - 490h255h360mm.

Generator G3-104 heterodyne type (for beats) with automatic frequency sweep. The sweep speed is set by the operator. The generator is a device for changing the compression ratio within a wide range of output voltage response to a control signal applied to specific input. Smooth overlap the entire frequency range, the automatic frequency control and the presence of compression devices allow you to use the generator in automated systems with a record of results for one-and two-coordinate recorder. Thanks to the automatic level control unit low-frequency signal generator G3-104 can operate in systems and installations which can measure and record the characteristics of the various acoustic and electro-mechanical devices.
Technical characteristics of the instrument low-frequency signal generator G3-104:
Frequency range - 20Hz-40kHz (continuous), detuning ± 100 Hz;
The basic error of frequency - ± (1 +200 / ƒ)%;
Frequency instability - ± (10 ∙ 10 -4 ƒ +2) Hz (for 15 min.), ± (230 ∙ 10 -4 ƒ +2) Hz (for 3h.)
The weakening of the output voltage - 0 dB, 100 dB (10 dB increments through);
Accuracy of output voltage - ± 4% (reference level), ± (0,5-0 dB, 8 dB) (attenuator);
Line regulation for 3h. - ± 10%;
Power output - 1.5 watts (5th, 50Om and 600 ohms);
Harmonic Distortion - 1.5 (20Hz-100Hz), 1 (100Hz-40kHz);
Power consumption - 80 V ∙ A;
Dimensions - 490h255h360mm.
G3-104 Weight - 25kg.

Photos G3-104

G3-104 device image.
G3-104 device image.