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    Antenna FMA6.2 (FMA 6.2; FMA-6.2; FMA6.2, PMA, 6.2, 6.2 PMA, FMA 6,2, FMA-6,2)

    Antenna FMA6.2 - an instrument designed to measure the field strength and interference.

    Frequency range - 0.1 MHz to 30 MHz.
    Output Impedance - 75 ohms.
    Rhode joining receiver - socket "C" 75 ohm (75-7 - f 1) connect to the receiver via the RF connection cable LE 30 to LE 31 feeder.
    The calibration voltage - 100mV.
    Input impedance - 75 ohms.
    Current consumption - from 100mA to 200mA.
    Antenna Power - 12V DC.
    Overall dimensions - 245 × 320 × 335mm.
    Set weight - 16kg.
    FMA6.2 antenna designed to measure and control the field strength of the useful signals and interference in the frequency range of 0.1 MHz to 30 MHz.
    Design FMA6.2

    FMA6.2 antenna consists of the following parts:
    - High frequency unit (the unit for configuration);
    - 3 ferrite rod;
    - The probe with 1m.
    FMA6.2 frequency unit consists of: the actual frequency part, drives to adjust the frequency and switching frequency sub-bands, the control part, motor drives for automatic frequency tuning and antenna rotation, swivel head for mounting the antenna ferrite cores and of the controls and settings.
    High-frequency block has shielding and consists of a drum switch printed circuit boards and inductances for each sub-band frequencies, the variable capacitor and an amplifier with an independent screening.
    Under the high-frequency part of the tape is located in a shielded printed circuit board of the control part. On the front side of the high-positioned controls input and output Plug connection and display unit.
    On the back side of the high-frequency part of the drive motors are located FMA6.2 to adjust the frequency and antenna rotation with potentiometers and limit switches. On the high-frequency part is rotating antenna head with the slip rings and drive parts for the antenna rotation.
    The instrument settings FMA6.2 is in the screen. To avoid temperature effects, the ferrite cores with a coil disposed in a cylindrical shell of glass fiber epoxy. Each rod is inserted and fixed in the antenna head.
    Antenna FMA6.2 protected from rain foil that covers the front panel, or to put the entire antenna cover.

    Specifications FMA6.2
    Frequency range overlaps FMA6.2 eight ranges:
    - From 0.1 MHz to 0.25 MHz;
    - 0.25 MHz to 0.64 MHz;
    - 0.63 MHz to 1.6 MHz;
    - 1.6 MHz to 3.6 MHz;
    - 3.7 MHz to 8.8 MHz;
    - 8.6 MHz to 15MHz;
    - 15MHz to 22MGts;
    - From 22MGts to 30MHz.

    Error frequency scale FMA6.2 has the following values:
    - For the ferrite rod antenna - no more than 2%;
    - To whip antenna - no more than 5%.

    FMA6.2 limit for the field strength measurement has the following values:
    - An amplifier - 8dB + K (f) - 10V / m;    
    - No Amplifier - 8 dB + K (f) - 0.1 V / m

    The error of measurement of field strength measurement in combination with the selective Microvoltmeter SMV 6.1 for sinusoidal voltages at +23 º C has the following values:
    - The linear indication - ± 2dB;
    - With quasi-peak indication - ± 3dB.

    The values ​​of the coefficient "K" for the ferrite antenna FMA6.2 served in Table 1.
    Table 1.
without amplifier
an amplifier
0.1 MHz
≤ 50dB
≤ 32dB
≤ 35dB
≤ 20dB
≤ 40dB
≤ 30dB
The values ​​of the coefficient "K" for the whip antenna FMA6.2 served in Table 2.

    Table 2.
without amplifier
an amplifier
0.1 MHz - 0.4 MHz
≤ 37dB
≤ 24dB
0.4 MHz - 1 MHz
≤ 32dB
≤ 15dB
1MHz - 5MHz
≤ 27dB
≤ 10dB
5MHz - 30MHz
≤ 18dB
≤ 7 dB
FMA6.2 value for the maximum sensitivity of the ferrite antenna (with SMV 6.1) at field strengths of sinusoidal signals with an error of 1 dB noise floor, served in Table 3.

    Table 3.
The bandwidth of the intermediate frequency
9 kHz
9 kHz
0.2 kHz
Type of evidence
quasi peak
100 kHz with the amplifier
≤ 47dB
≤ 40dB
≤ 22dB
100kHz without power
≈ 35dB
≈ 26dB
≈ 10dB
30 MHz with power
≤ 35dB
≤ 25dB
≤ 0 dB
30MHz without power
≈ 28dB
≈ 20dB
≈ 5dB
Bandwidth ferrite antenna SMV 6.1 without amplifier filed in Table 4.

    Table 4.
Meas. 1.
100kHz to 150kHz
≥ 150 kHz
≥ 6 kHz
≥ 9 kHz
Meas. 1 and 2
≥ 2kHz
Meas. 3 to 6
≥ 9 kHz
Setup time FMA6.2 no more than 20 seconds. Adjustment is made ​​on the hand or automatically by the device or SMV 6.1. The maximum error when using the fine adjustment of ± 0,5 dB.
    Rotating antenna FMA6.2 carried by hand or remotely from the apparatus and SMV 6.1. rotation angle of 380 º. The residual angle of the remote control - 5 º. Additional error SMV 6.1 angle is ± 15 º.

    Operating conditions FMA6.2
    Tion given as an accessory LE control cable 53 to be used in a temperature range from -10 º C to -30 º C and to be protected against high mechanical loads.
FMA6.2 designed for use in the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature - from -30 º C and +45 º C;
    - Transportation in the original packaging, at an ambient temperature of -40 º C to +55 º C.

Photos: FMA6.2

FMA6.2 antenna image.
FMA6.2 antenna image.
FMA6.2 front view.
FMA6.2 front view.
FMA6.2 side view.
FMA6.2 side view.
FMA6.2 rear view.
FMA6.2 rear view.
FMA6.2 overhead view.
FMA6.2 overhead view.
FMA6.2 bottom view.
FMA6.2 bottom view.