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Analog-digital converter F7077

Also this device can be called: F-7077, F 7077.


F7077 analog-digital converter is designed for DC and rapidly changing deterministic or random signals with a wide frequency range of a digital code.

Accuracy class - 0,5; 0,3.

Converters are available in two versions.


Specifications F7077:


Type Conversion range Operating range of the input signals
main additional voltage frequency
F7077/1 ±10 V - from 0 to ±10,23 V from 0 to 5 kHz
- ±1 V from 0 to ±1,023 V
F7077/2 ±1 V - from 0 to ±1,02 B from 0 to 10 kHz
- ±2 V from 0 to ± 2,04 V


F7077 converter operates from an external trigger signals both periodic and aperiodic, the interval between which corresponds to the conversion time.

Converter input current - less than 2 mA.

Input resistance, defined as the change of the output code when the internal resistance of the source signal of 0 to 10 Ohm - at least 1 MOhm.

Input capacitance transducer - not more than 50 pF.

Converter output code regardless of the polarity of the input signal - a potential parallel binary normal.

Code information is stored on the drive end of the last before the subsequent conversion.

At the end of the conversion cycle inverter outputs the signal "End of conversion."


Type Conversion time The number of bits of binary code Maximum permissible error
F7077/1 8 mcs 10 +sign ±(0,5+0,3×(Uk/U-1))
F7077/2 3 mcs 8 +sign ±(1+0,6×(Uk/U-1))


When working with the input voltage switched start signal shall be given with respect to the switching delay time:

- for F7077/1 - not more than 4 mcs;

- for F7077/2 - not more than 2 mcs.


Voltage input and output control signals and code converter:

- logical "0" - from 0 to 0,4 V;

- logical "1" - from 2,4 V to 5 V.


Running inverter edge signal produced at the transition from "0" to "1".

Start pulse duration - from 0,2 mcs to 1 mcs.

Duration signals fronts - not more than 0,2 mcs.

Signal "End of conversion" - a potential with a rise time of 0,05 mcs during the transition from "1" to "0".

Pulse rise start reading code information - not less than 0,02 mcs.

Warm-up time - 30 min.

Time without adjustment work - 500 hours.

MTBF - not less than 4000 hours.

Life - at least 6 years.

Power consumption - not more than 6 W.

Dimensions - 156×126×36 mm.

Weight - 0,5 kg.


Structurally converter F7077 is a modular, allowing for mounting on a printed circuit board.


Operating conditions F7077:


The ambient air temperature - 20±2° C.

Power is supplied from three sources DC voltage:

- with current consumption of 80 mA - +15 V; -15 V;

- the consumption of 500 mA - + 5 V.


In terms of resistance to mechanical stress and protection against environmental converter F7077 is classified as ordinary.

Photos: F7077

F7077 converter image.
F7077 converter image.
F7077 front view.
F7077 front view.
F7077 front view.
F7077 front view.
F7077 front view.
F7077 front view.
F7077 front view.
F7077 front view.
F7077 front view.
F7077 front view.
F7077 bottom view.
F7077 bottom view.