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    Voltmeter, milliammeter digital billboard F296-6
    Also, this device may be referred to: F 296-6, F-296-6, F 296 6, F2966.
    F296-6 voltmeter, milliammeter digital billboard is designed to measure voltage and current in DC circuits.
    Dimensions - 80x160x250 mm.
    Accuracy class - 0.1/0.05.
    Unit weight - 1.8 kg.
    The work is based on the method of unit-time wavelet transform two-stroke integrating the measured signal and reference voltage.
    Technical characteristics of the devices voltmeters, milliammeters F296-6: 
Method of incorporating
Measurement limit
Quantization step
Input impedance
Input drop
100 uA
0.01 mA
<1.0 mV
With individual extension of 1 megohm
100 V
0.010 In
1 ± 0,01 MW
With individual series resistor 10 Mohm
10 ± 0,1 MW
    Digital display voltmeter, milliammeter F296-6:
    - The measurement result with the maximum indication - 9999;
    - "-" Sign;
    - Sign dimension;
    - Overload digital reading extinguished.
    Polarity selection instrument voltmeter, milliammeter F296-6 - automatic.
    Measuring mode:
    - Periodic;
    - One-time (from external trigger pulses applied to the pin of the connector).
    Parameters of external trigger pulses:
    - Voltage range corresponding to a high level signal - from 2 to 5.25;
    - Voltage range corresponding to the low signal levels - from -0.4 V to 0.8 V;
    - Pulse - not less than 2 ms;
    - The time interval between the trigger pulse with a measuring time of 40 ms - 80.8 ms, with a measurement time of 80 ms - 161.6 ms, with a measuring time of 320 ms - 646.4 ms.
    Output to an external connector:
    - The value of the measured signal in BCD 8-4-2-1;
    - Signal measurement cycle;
    - Overload alarm;
    - Sign of the polarity signal.
    Measurement result voltmeter, milliammeter F296-6 is retained until the next measurement cycle.
    Unlimited duration of continuous operation.
    MTBF - 1800 hrs
    Average life - 10 years.
    Operating conditions voltmeters Milliammeters F296-6:

    Mains voltage - 220 Hz.
    Supply frequency - 50 Hz.
    Power consumption - 10 watts.
    Ambient temperature - from +5 ° C to +50 ° C.
    Relative humidity at +25 ° C - 90%.
    Fixation device to the panel or panels made ​​four screws located on the front panel.

Photos: F296-6

F296-6 voltmeter with an open lid image.
F296-6 voltmeter with an open lid image.
F296-6 voltmeters image with the closed lid.
F296-6 voltmeters image with the closed lid.
F296-6 front view.
F296-6 front view.
F296-6 side view (casing depth).
F296-6 side view (casing depth).
F296-6 rear view (connection).
F296-6 rear view (connection).
F296-6 side view (casing depth).
F296-6 side view (casing depth).
F296-6 overhead view.
F296-6 overhead view.
F296-6 bottom view.
F296-6 bottom view.