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    Voltmeter, digital milliammeter F295-4
    Also, this device may be referred to: F 295-4, F-295-4, F 295 4, F2954.
    Voltmeter, milliammeter F295-4 digital billboard is designed to measure voltage and current in DC circuits.
    Dimensions - 80h160h250 mm.
    Accuracy class - 0.1/0.05.
    Unit weight - 1.8 kg.
    The basis of the instrument F295-4 on the method of time-pulse conversion of two-stroke integrating the measured signal and reference voltage.
    Schematic diagram of the device is implemented on integrated circuits and semiconductor devices and placed on three printed circuit boards connected by bundles.
    The device is in a plastic case. Reading device performed on discharge indicators and a removable frame.
Specifications voltmeter, milliammeter F295-4:
Method of incorporating
Measurement limit
Quantization step
Input impedance
Accuracy class
100 mV
0.100 mV
> 100 megohms.
With individual shunt 10 ohm
10 mA
0,010 mA
With individual 1 ohm shunt
100 mA
0,100 mA
    Digital display voltmeter, milliammeter F295-4:
    - The measurement result with the maximum indication - 4999;
    - "-" Sign;
    - Sign dimension;
    - Overload digital reading extinguished.
    Polarity selection instrument voltmeter, milliammeter F295-4 - automatic.
    Measuring mode:
    - Periodic;
    - One-time (from external trigger pulses applied to the pin of the connector).
    Output to an external connector:
    - The value of the measured signal in BCD 8-4-2-1;
    - Signal measurement cycle;
    - Overload alarm;
    - Sign of the polarity signal.
    Result of measurement devices voltmeters, milliammeters F295-4 saved before the next measurement cycle.
    Output parameters coded signals:
    - High level - from 2.4 to 5.25;
    - Low level - from 0 V to 0.5 V.
    MTBF - 1800 hrs
    Average life - 10 years.

    Operating conditions:
    Mains voltage - 220 Hz.
    Supply frequency - 50 Hz.
    Power consumption - 10 watts.
    Ambient temperature - from +5 ° C to +50 ° C.
    Relative humidity at +25 ° C - 90%.

Photos: F295-4

F295-4 front view.
F295-4 front view.
F295-4 side view (casing depth).
F295-4 side view (casing depth).
F295-4 rear view (connection).
F295-4 rear view (connection).
F295-4 overhead view.
F295-4 overhead view.