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Digital device F229M1

Also this device can be called: F-229M1, F 229M1, F-229-M1, F229-M1, F229 M1.


F229M1 digital device one-limit is designed for the measurement of voltage and current in DC in various fields of science and industrial production.


Devices installed on board or panel and designed for integration in measuring devices and installation.


Specifications F229M1:


Overall dimensions - 60×120×150 mm.



The final value of

the measuring range

F229M1-1/1 0.2 V
F229M1-2/1 0.2 V
F229M1-1/2 2 V
F229M1-2/2 2 V
F229M1-1/3 20 V
F229M1-2/3 20 V
F229M1-1/4 200 V
F229M1-2/4 200 V
F229M1-1/5 0.02 mA
F229M1-2/5 0.02 mA
F229M1-1/6 0.20 mA
F229M1-2/6 0.20 mA
F229M1-1/7 2.00 mA
F229M1-2/7 2.00 mA
F229M1-1/8 2 V
F229M1-2/8 2 V


Input impedance:

- for modifications F229M1-1/1, F229M1-2/1, F229M1-1/2, F229M1-2/2, F229M1-1/8, F229M1-2/8 - more than 40 MOhm;

- for modifications F229M1-1/3, F229M1-2/3, F229M1-1/4, F229M1-2/4 - 1±0,1 MOhm.


Input drop for modifications F229M1-1/5, F229M1-2/5, F229M1-1/6, F229M1-2/6, F229M1-1/7, F229M1-2/7 - not more than 1 mV.

Guaranteed frequency suppression:

- for modifications F229-1 - 50 Hz; 100 Hz;

- for modifications F229-2 - 60 Hz; 120 Hz.


Permissible basic error, expressed as a percentage of the measured values ​​of X - no more than ±(0,2+0,1(Xk/X-1)), where Xk - end value of measuring range, X - measured value at input .

Admissible additional instrument error caused by deviation from normal conditions, does not exceed half of accuracy:

- when the ambient temperature changes by every 10° C within a working temperature range;

- under the influence of an external uniform magnetic field with induction 0.5 mT, sinusoidal time-varying with frequency (50±1) Hz.


Time measurement device - not more than 40.2 ms.

Polarity selection - automatic.

Reading device provides an indication of the device with switchable four digits separated by grade and display the sign ".".

The maximum reading reading device - 1999.

The device provides an external control switching indicator lights indicating device.

When overloaded reading device reading devices go off.


Device F229M1 provides access to the external connector of the measured signal in BCD 8-4-2-1, signal the end of the measurement signal polarity sign, signal overload.

Pulse duration - not less than 1 mcs.

Device outputs coded signals consistent with chips series 134, K134, 136, K136, K158.

Load capacity - not more than two standard units chip series 136, K136, K158 and four conventional units series 134, K134.

The device provides a batch job and a single run.


External trigger pulse parameters:

- voltage range corresponding to a high level signal - from 2.0 V to 4.5 V;

- voltage range corresponding to the low signal levels - from 0 to 0.7 V;

- time interval between pulses external trigger - not less than 40 ms;

- pulse duration - from 10 mcs to 100 mcs.

Allowed the following short-term maximum allowable value of the trigger pulse:

- logical "1" - from 2.0 V to 5.25 V;

- logical "0" - from -0.4 V to 0.7 V (at a temperature of 25±10° C - from -0.4 V to +0.8 V).


Setup time F229M1 - not more than 20 min.

Rejection ratio of normal form:

- in the range of (50±0,25) Hz, (100±0,5) Hz for F229M1-1 and in the range of (60±0,3) Hz, (120±0,6) Hz for F229M1-2 - not less than 40 dB;

- in the range of (50±0,5) Hz, (100±1) Hz for F229M1-1 and in the range of (60±0,6) Hz, (120±1,2) Hz for F229M1-2 - not less than 20 dB.

Permissible amplitude noise - not more than 0.1 of measuring range final value.


Device stand for 2 h strain tenfold input signal, but no more than 300 units for F229M1-1/4 and F229M1-2/4.

Electrical isolation of power circuits with respect to protective earth terminal device can withstand for 1 min test voltage AC frequency (50±1) Hz value of 0.25 kV.

Instrument input grounded, terminal "INPUT 2" is connected to the protective earthing terminal.

Insulation resistance of electrical power circuits relative PE terminals:

- under normal conditions - of at least 20 MOhm;

- at a temperature +50° C - at least 5MOm.


Frequency of manual zero and calibration - not less than 30 days.

MTBF in normal conditions, but at a temperature of (20±10)° C - at least 18 000 hours.

Installed MTBF under normal conditions, but at a temperature of (20±10)° C - not less than 1800 hours.

Average full service life - not less than 10 years.

Established full service life - not less than 4 years.

Mean time to recover a healthy state device - not more than 24 hours.

Power consumption - less than 3 W.

Unit weight F229M1 - not more than 0.6 kg.


Operating conditions F229M1:


Ambient temperature - from +5° C to +50° C.

Relative humidity at +25° C - 90%.

External power supply - (12±1,2) V.


Device is cool and warm resistant, withstands ambient temperatures from -50° C to +50° C.

Device is wet strength withstands ambient relative humidity 98% at +35° C.

Device in a transport container stands for 1 h without damage to mechanical impact acceleration of 30 m/s2 and the number of strokes from 80 to 120 per minute.


In terms of resistance to mechanical stress modification F229M1-1/8 and F229M1-2/8 are vibration resistance, withstand vibration acceleration of 10 m/s2 in the frequency range from 40 Hz to 70 Hz; vibration acceleration of 30 m/s2 in the frequency range from 10 Hz to 40 Hz.

Photos F229, F229-M1

F229M1 device image.
F229M1 device image.
F229M1 device image.
F229M1 device image.
F229M1 front view.
F229M1 front view.
F229M1 front view.
F229M1 front view.
F229M1 side view (casing depth).
F229M1 side view (casing depth).
F229M1 rear view (connection).
F229M1 rear view (connection).
F229M1 overhead view.
F229M1 overhead view.