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ЕВ3020 EV3020 voltmeter.


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Voltmeter EV3020 (EV 3020, EV-3020, eb3020, EV3020, EV 3020, EV-3020, ЄV3020, ЄV 3020 ЄV-3020, eb 3020, eb-3020)
EV3020 voltmeter designed to measure the rms ac voltage at power plants and substations and transmission of its values ​​on the interface RS485.
Connects directly to the ITN, and measures the rms voltage at its secondary.
Voltmeter EV3020 has the ability to install the interface to the N and setting the upper and lower allowed values ​​of the measured voltage.
Indicates the current value of the measured voltages, taking into account the set K N and the dimension of the measured values ​​of voltage, "B" or "kW".The number of significant digits - four decimal bit of poison.
The voltmeter indicates the flashing of the EV3020 «min» or «max» output voltage measured at the boundaries set by the setting, with a closed output contact appropriate relay.
Designed for use in stationary conditions, macro-regions with a temperate climate with temperatures ranging from 5 º C to 40 C and 90% relative humidity at 25 ° C.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltmeters EV3020:
Ambient air temperature - 20 º C ± 2 º C;
Relative humidity - 30% -80%;
Atmospheric pressure - 60kPa-106, 7kPa (;
The nominal value of the measured voltage - U n = 100V;
The range of the measured voltage with a voltmeter EV3020 - from 0,1 U 1,5 U n to n;
Frequency range of the measured AC - 45Hz to 65Hz from;
The setting range is K N - 1 to 30,000;
Setting range of settings:
- The lower the permissible value of the measured device voltage with a voltmeter EV3020 - 0,1 U of H and K to 0,9 U N K N;
- The upper permitted value of the measured voltage - U of H and K to 1,5 U N K N;
Limits of the basic reduced error of measurement equal to ± 0,2% to the nominal value of the measured voltage;
Burst Tolerance is determined by the basic reduced error of measurement;
Voltmeter EV3020 heat and crymophylactic at temperatures ranging from 5 º C to 40 ° C. The limit of additional measurement error voltmeter EV3020, due to changes in ambient temperature from normal to any temperature in the temperature range equal to ± 0,1% for every 10 C temperature change;
Voltmeter EV3020 humidity resistant to climatic conditions of the workers;
The device meets the requirements under the influence of an external magnetic field with induction 0.5 mT, 50 Hz ± 1 Hz at the most unfavorable direction of the magnetic field;
Voltmeter EV3020 meets the measurement of the effective value of alternating current in the frequency range from 45Hz to 65Hz;
Power supply is carried out:
a) AC voltage 120V-250V, 50 Hz ± 5 Hz or 60 Hz ± 5 Hz;
b) constant voltage 120V-250V;
Consumed by the device voltmeter EV3020 power should not exceed 4V ∙ A;
The device meets the requirements of a change of supply voltage:
a) AC frequency of 45Hz, 55Hz or 55Hz-65Hz 120V to 250V from;
b) DC voltage from 120V to 250V;
Voltmeter EV3020 meets after exposure to overload the input voltage 225V for 1 minute in 2 minutes after removing the overload;
Voltmeter EV3020 in normal conditions of use complies with the requirements after the time of an operating mode. Operation mode setup time (after warm-th) is 5 minutes;
Mode the instrument voltmeter EV3020 continuous.Duration of work is continuous vnoy unlimited;
Average life - at least 12 years, mean time between failures - at least 36,000 hours under normal conditions of use;
Dimensions - 144h72h190mm;
Unit weight voltmeter EV3020 - no more than 0.5 kg.