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EV2265 EV2265 voltmeter.


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EV2265 voltmeter (EV 2265, EV-2265)
EV2265 voltmeter designed to measure the mean square voltage AC sinusoidal power frequency.
Class of accuracy - 0.2-0.5.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltmeters EV2265:
Instruments used for verification and calibration less accurate instruments, as well as to test the parameters of products in their manufacture, inspection and test.
The main features of the instrument voltmeter EV2265:
- High input impedance, providing a real-world application of more accurate measurements in spite of the same class with similar accuracy;
- A wide range of measured signals, which allows to replace two similar instrument;
- The device does not require a voltmeter EV2265 power supply;
- Linear scale.
EV2265 device voltmeter - analog multiband instrument of direct action.Designed as a measuring DC rectifier. Meter DC magneto system with a moving part on extensions with needle indicator and uniform scale length 150mm, with antiparallaksnym device.
Name and symbol of the instrument
Class of accuracy
Measurement range, and B (all the limits in a single device)
Voltmeter EV2265-1
from 3V to 7.5V
from 3V to 15V
from 3V to 30V
from 0V to 75V
from 0V to 150V
from 0V to 300V
from 0V to 600V
Voltmeter EV2265-2
In agreement with the customer instruments produce a voltmeter EV2265 to other ranges, as well as the frequency range of the measured voltages up to 100 kHz.
When ordering, please specify the class of instrument accuracy.
Operating conditions of the instrument voltmeter EV2265:
- Temperature
10 º C to 35 ° C
- Relative humidity
80% at 20 º C
Overall dimensions
Unit weight voltmeter EV2265
no more than 3kg
An example entry in order and in the technical documentation of other products:
"Voltmeter EV2265-1, accuracy class 0.2, TU 4224-014-05798310-2001."
Advantages of new devices voltmeter EV2265:
- With analogue instrument has a much larger internal resistance, so connecting the device to the circuit of the measured voltage does not change the mode of operation of the apparatus, which increases the accuracy in real-world applications, in spite of the same class with similar accuracy;
- Thanks to a wide range of measured voltages:
- EV2265 voltmeter of accuracy class 0.5 replaces two similar device - E544 and E545;
- EV2265 voltmeter of accuracy class 0.2 replaces two similar device - D5081 and D5082.