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ЕА3020 Ammeter EA3020.


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Ammeter EA3020 (EA 3020, EA-3020, ea3020, EA3020, EA 3020, EA 3020, ЄA3020, ЄA 3020 ЄA-3020, ea 3020, ea-3020)
Ammeter EA3020 is intended for use in power plants and substations, and connects directly to the measuring current transformer (ICT), and (or) stress (ITN).
Technical characteristics of the devices ammeters EA3020:
Ambient air temperature - 20 º C ± 2 º C;
Relative humidity - 30% -80%;
Atmospheric pressure - 60kPa-106, 7kPa (;
The nominal value of the measured device current ammeter EA3020 - I n = 5A or I n = 1 A (depending on version);
Measurement range - from 0,1 I 1,5 I n to n;
Frequency range of the measured AC - 45Hz to 65Hz from;
The setting range is K T - 1 to 30,000;
Setting range setting device ammeter EA3020:
- The lower the permissible value of the measured current - from 0,01 I N T ∙ K to 0,9 I n ∙ C T;
- The upper permitted value of the measured current - from I to HT to 1,5 I n ∙ C T;
Limits of the basic reduced error of measurement equal to ± 0,2% to the nominal value of the measured current;
Ammeter EA3020 heat and crymophylactic at temperatures ranging from 5 º C to 40 ° C. The limit of additional measurement error due to changes in ambient temperature from normal to any temperature in the temperature range equal to ± 0,2% for every 10 C temperature change;
Ammeter EA3020 humidity resistant to climatic conditions of the workers and workable under the influence of an external magnetic field with induction 0.5 mT, 50 Hz ± 1 Hz at the most unfavorable direction of the magnetic field, as well as in measuring the effective value of alternating current in the frequency range from 45Hz to 65Hz;
- AC voltage 120V-250V, 50 Hz ± 5 Hz or 60 Hz ± 5 Hz;
- Constant voltage 120V-250V;
Consumed by the device ammeter EA3020 power - less than 4V ∙ A;
Ammeter is functional when the supply voltage:
- AC frequency 45Hz-55Hz or 55Hz-65Hz 120V to 250V from;
- DC voltage from 120V to 250V;
- After exposure to short-term overload input current in accordance with Table 2 in 2 minutes after removal of the overload;
Table 2
The multiplicity of current
The number of overloads
The duration of each congestion
The interval between two overloads
2.5 sec
Operation mode setup time (preheating) - 5 minutes;
Mode device ammeter EA3020 continuous.Duration of work is continuous vnoy unlimited;
Ammeter has the ability to install on the RS485 interface ITT transformation coefficients (Km) in the range 1 to 30000 and indicates the measured current value, taking into account the set of ratio of ITT in amperes or kA;
Average life - at least 12 years, mean time between failures - at least 36,000 hours under normal conditions of use;
Dimensions - 144h72h190mm;
Weight - no more than 0.55 kg.