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EA2268 Ammeter EA2268, EA2268 milliammeter.


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Ammeter EA2268, EA2268 milliammeter (EA 2268, EA-2268)
Ammeter EA2268, EA2268 milliammeter is designed to measure current in AC circuits power frequency and direct current.
Measuring range - 5mA, 10mA, 25mA, 50mA, 100mA, 200mA, 0.5A, 1.0A, 2.5A, 5.0 A, 5.0 A, 10A.
Class of accuracy - 0.2-0.5.
Technical characteristics of the instrument ammeters EA2268, EA2268 milliammeter:
Instruments used for verification and calibration less accurate instruments, as well as to test the parameters of products in their manufacture, inspection and test.
The main features of the instrument EA2268 ammeter, milliammeter EA2268:
- High accuracy measurements of RMS (TRMS) and alternating current;
- Low internal resistance, ensuring minimal impact on device operation modes of equipment in the circuit which are measured;
- Possibility of extending the measuring range of standard connection of external shunts or current transformers;
- Monitoring the accuracy and efficiency of the device can be performed by the apparatus at a constant current.
EA2268 instrument ammeter, milliammeter EA2268 - analog dual-band direct-action device.Made in the form of direct current magneto-meter system with a moving part on extensions with needle indicator and uniform scale length 150mm, with antiparallaksnym device, and the mean square value of the converter input to DC.
The instrument measures the mean (rms) value of AC, AC DC and DC.
Readings do not depend on the shape of the curve of the measured signal.
Instruments EA2268 ammeter, milliammeter EA2268 may be used instead of similar purpose devices such as E5hhh, D5hhh.
Measurement range (two full scale in one unit)
Interchangeable tools
5mA and 10mA
E535, E523, D5075, D5015 \ 6
25mA, 50mA and
E536, E524, D5076, D5014 \ 5
100mA and 200mA
E536, E524, D5077, D5014 \ 4
0.5 A and 1.0 A
E537, E525, E528, D5078, D5014 \ 3
2.5 A and 5.0 A
E538, E526, E529, D5079, D5014 \ 2
5.0 A and 10 A
E539, E527, E530, D5080, D5014 \ 1
Class of accuracy of the instrument EA2268 ammeter, milliammeter EA2268 - 0.2 or 0.5 (depending on order).
The device has an additional input for voltage measurements in the range of 0mV to 100mV.
In agreement with the customer instruments produce ammeter EA2268, EA2268 milliammeter to other ranges - up to 50A direct connection, as well as the frequency range of the measured signals to 100kHz.
Power - AC 220V 50Hz adapter via "~ 220 / ~ 18B", supplied with the unit.
Compared to similar device ammeter EA2268, EA2268 milliammeter has several advantages:
- Ensuring consistent counting pointer reading (in class 0.2 analogue readout in the form of light, "Bunny", which makes reading the testimony in bright light);
- Low internal resistance (low voltage drop) extends the use of the instrument ammeter EA2268, EA2268 milliammeter to measure currents without distortion measurement results (in the range of measurement unique to 5mA 10mA, the internal resistance of several hundred times higher);
- Simplicity and ease of use, no installation device level, brightness of the light is not a pointer;
- The presence of measurement limit the device can measure 100mV ammeter EA2268, EA2268 milliammeter large currents with standard external shunts as a constant (shunts are available for currents up to 15000A accuracy class 0.5 and up to 2000A precision class 0.2), and the ac ;
- Alternating current can be measured currents up to 2000A with a standard current transformer, for example, type UTT-6M2 (accuracy class 0.2).
Operating conditions of the instrument EA2268 ammeter, milliammeter EA2268:
- Temperature - 10 º C to 35 ° C;
- Relative humidity - 80% at 20 ° C;
Overall dimensions EA2268 ammeter, milliammeter EA2268 - 243h200h100mm.
Weight - no more than 3kg.
An example entry in order and in the technical documentation of other products and equipment with the upper limits of ranges 5A and 10A, accuracy class 0.5:
"Ammeter EA2268, cl.0, 5, 5A, 10A, TU 4224-035-71064713-2007. "