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E842/1 (Е842/1)

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Converter AC E842/1 (E 842/1, E-842/1)
Designed to convert AC line frequency of 45Hz-65 Hz output standardized DC signal at varying loads without additional power supply.
Dimensions 80h80h90mm.
Accuracy class 1.0
Converters AC E842/1 (E842-1, E 842 / 1, E-842 / 1, E842 / 1 E842-1, E 842 / 1, E-842 / 1, e842 / 1, e842-1, e 842 / 1, e-842 / 1, Є842 / 1 Є842-1, Є 842 / 1, Є-842 / 1)
Information is the average output
Converter E842/1 AC is used to control electrical networks and systems, integrated automation and control system of power in various industries.
Structurally, the converters are in the building, providing attachments (with the addition of the front mounting wires) or recessed mounted to the shields and panels.
E842/1 AC converter is interchangeable, single-function product repaired, resistant to industrial interference and refers to the stationary equipment operating out of homes.
Class of accuracy 1.0
The range of variation of the input signal current, A 0A-0, 5A, 0A-1, 0A, 0A-2, 5A, 0A-5, 0A
Workspace, Hz 45Hz-65Hz
Extended range of frequencies, Hz 65Hz-1000Hz
The range of the output signal, mA 0 mA-5 mA
The range of variation of load resistance, ohms 0 ohms, 2, 5 kOhm
Power consumption, V · A 1.0 · A of the measuring circuit
Dimensions: 80h80h90mm.
Weight: 0.495 kg.

Photos E842/1 (Е842/1)

E842/1 front view (scale).
E842/1 front view (scale).
E842/1 side view (casing depth).
E842/1 side view (casing depth).
E842/1 rear view (connection).
E842/1 rear view (connection).