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E8035 ammeter, E8035 voltmeter

Also, this device can be called: E-8035, E 8035.

E8035 ammeter, E8035 voltmeter shield is intended to measure the voltage and current in AC circuits.

Dimensions - 80x80 mm.

Accuracy class - 1,5.

Vibration and shock.

Ammeters, voltmeters E8035 operate through the interaction of magnetic fields and the movable core during that as the current passes through the structure of the stationary coil by winding coils of her.

Specifications E8035:

Basic accuracy ammeter - ±1,5%.

The final value of the measuring range:

- Ammeter E8035 - 0,1 A to 50A.

- Voltmeter E8035 - from 7,5 V to 250 V.

Normal rate or normal frequency range - 50 Hz; 60 Hz; 200 Hz; 400 Hz to 500 Hz; 800 Hz; 1000 Hz.

Inclusion - directly; supplemented with P85.

Sedation rolling mechanism - air.

Type of reference - direct.

MTBF - not less than 25000 hours.

Voltmeters lifetime - 15 years.

Weight - no more than 0,28 kg.

The major part of the meter - the movable core, which is used for the manufacture of a ferromagnetic material. Basis of the mechanism is also fixed coil required for the formation of the magnetic field in the coil. During the passage of current through the windings creates a voltage proportional to it. On strengthened thrust bearing cage, which is based on the c axis of the core.

Operating conditions E8035:

Ambient - from -50° C to +60° C.

Relative humidity at +35° C - 100%.

Photos: E8035

E8035 front view.
E8035 front view.
E8035 side view.
E8035 side view.
E8035 rear view.
E8035 rear view.