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    Voltmeter, ammeter E59 (E-59, E 59, E59, E-59, E 59, Є59, Є-59 Є 59, e59, e-59, e 59)

    E59 voltmeter, ammeter E59 - a laboratory device electromagnetic system designed to measure the rms values ​​of voltage and current in DC and AC circuits with sinusoidal and distorted waveforms.
    Accuracy class - 0.5.
    Overall dimensions - 145 × 200 × 90mm.
    Weight - 1.5 kg.
    Voltmeter and ammeter E59 E59 is used for laboratory measurements.
    Specifications E59

    E59 voltmeters, ammeters E59 is available in ten variants, the measurements are filed in Table 1.

    Table 1.
Marking of the unit
Measurement range
E59 / 1
75V - 150V - 300V - 600V
E59 / 2
7.5V - 15V - 30V - 60V
E59 / 3
5A - 10A
E59 / 4
A 2.5 - 5A
E59 / 5
1A - 2A
E59 / 6
0.25 A - 0.5 A - 1A
E59 / 7
50 mA - 100 mA - 200 mA
E59 / 8
25mA - 50mA - 100mA
E59 / 9
10mA - 20mA - 40mA
1.5V - 3V - 7.5V - 15V

    The normal range of frequencies for devices E59 is 45Hz - 55Hz, Extended - 55Hz - 300Hz.
    Equipped with a calibrated voltmeter E59/10 conductors with a total resistance of 0.035 ohms. Measurement limits in this device vary connecting calibrated conductors to the appropriate terminals.

    E59 voltmeters, ammeters E59 admit error, which in the normal limit the frequency alternating current and direct current is ± 0,5%, the final value of the measuring range.
    The limit of additional error E59 devices with alternating current at the frequency deviates from the normal range of frequencies up to any frequency in the working frequency range is equal to the limit of permissible basic error.

    E59 voltmeter, ammeter E59 are designed for use under the following conditions:
    - Air temperature: from -30 º C and +50 º C;
    - Relative humidity: 90% at 30 ° C.

Photos E59

E59 voltmeter image.
E59 voltmeter image.
E59/2 panel view.
E59/2 panel view.
E59/3 panel view.
E59/3 panel view.
E59/7 panel view.
E59/7 panel view.
E59 side view.
E59 side view.
E59 side view (terminals, switch).
E59 side view (terminals, switch).
E59 side view.
E59 side view.
E59 bottom view.
E59 bottom view.