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Frequency counter E352 (E-352, E 352)
Frequency counter E352 is designed to measure the frequency of the alternating current in the range from 45Hz to 55Hz and 55Hz to 65Hz on.
Dimensions - 96h96h80mm.
Accuracy class - 2.5.
Vibration, shock resistant.
Specifications Frequency devices E352:
Measuring range - 45Hz, 55Hz, 55Hz, 65Hz;
Acceptable basic error - no more than ± 2,5% the difference between final and initial value range;
Variation of reading frequency is less than E352 polutorakratnogo value of the fundamental error;
Rated voltage devices:
- Designed for direct connection - 220V, 380V;
- To switch the transformer voltage - 100V;
Operating position of the device frequency E352 - Vertical;
Admissible additional error of the instrument under the influence of a magnetic field of 400 A / m frequency equal to the frequency of the current flowing through the device under test shall not exceed ± 5%;
Scale devices - beznulevaya uniform;
The angle of the instrument scale frequency E352 - 90 º;
Size - no more 96h96h80mm;
Weight of the device frequency E352 - not more than 0.7 kg;
Time to failure - at least 25,000 hours;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the device frequency E352 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.

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