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DT-6B Motor generator DT-6B.


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The engine-generator DT-6B (DT6B, DT 6 B, DT-6-B, DT 6B)
The engine-generator DT-6B which includes asynchronous motor controlled and built-in synchronous tacho.
Mounting - for housing;
Mode of operation - continuous;
The unit motor-generator DT-6B is designed for operation under conditions of high hardness, specific to the products of aviation technology.
Technical characteristics of the devices engine-generator sets DT-6B:
The excitation voltage - 40V;
Line Frequency - 1000 Hz;
The voltage control unit motor-generator DT-6B - 40B;
Phase-shifting capacity of the excitation circuit - 0.68 uF;
Net Power - 6W;
Supply current engine-generator unit DT-6B at idle:
- Excitation - 0.9 A;
- Management - 1A;
Speed ​​at no load - 12000ob/min;
Starting torque - 11 ∙ ∙ 10 -3 N m;
Pick-up voltage device engine-generator DT-6B - 1.5;
Efficiency - 25%;
Electromechanical time constant of - 0.15;
The excitation voltage appliance motor-generator DT-6B - 40B;
The frequency of the excitation voltage - 1000Hz;
Supply current excitation - 0.25 A;
The steepness of the output voltage appliance motor-generator DT-6B - 0.8 mV / V / min;
Residual EMF - 250mV;
The variable component of the residual emf - 200mV;
The nonlinearity of engine-generator unit DT-6B - 5%;
Vibration loads:
- Frequency range - 5Hz-2000Hz;
- Acceleration - 150m / s 2;
Shock - 350m / s 2;
Ambient temperature - from +130 º C;
The relative humidity at 40 ° C - 98%;
Warranty life engine-generator unit DT-6B - 5000 hours;
Dimensions of the unit:
- Diameter - 50mm;
- Length - 116mm;
Weight of engine-generator unit DT-6B - 0.7 kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of engine-generator unit AT-6B technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documents.