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D392, D392A

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Phase meter D392, D392A (D 392, D-392)
Phase meter D392, D392A is designed for measuring, signaling and regulation cosγ in three-phase AC, 50 Hz with a uniform load and a symmetric phase line voltage.
Dimensions - 160h30h266mm.
Accuracy class - 1.5.
Technical characteristics of the instrument phase meter D392, D392A:
Modifications made ​​by the phase meter D392, D392A:
- A - pointing;
- C - signaling;
- K - contact, three-position;
- KP - two positions with the right touch;
- CR - two positions to the left contact).
Installed unit phase meter D392, D392A on the vertical panels and consoles at an angle 15 º, 30 º, 45 º, 65 º, 75 º (on request).
With additional R392.
Phase meter accuracy class instruments D392, D392A - 1.5.
The inclusion of a voltage 127V, 220V and 380V directly and through TN on 100V.
Burst Tolerance photocontact device unit phase meter D392, D392A variants K, KP and KL - ± 2,5% the difference between final and initial values ​​of the scale.
Enabling direct to 5A and transformer with secondary voltage 100V.
Temperature - from -30 º C to +50 ° C.
Relative humidity - up to 90%.
Dimensions of devices phase meter D392, D392A - 160h30h266mm.
Unit weight - 1.1 kg.
Dimensions of accessory - 160h80h83mm.
R392 Weight - 1.5 kg.
Dimensions staples - 183h30h250mm.
Weight bracket - 0.3 lbs.

Photos D392, D392A

D392A front view (scale).
D392A front view (scale).
D392A side view (casing depth).
D392A side view (casing depth).
D392A rear view (connection).
D392A rear view (connection).
D392A overhead view.
D392A overhead view.