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WATCH T74, T74 RS, T74 KL Watch T74, T74 clock RS, watch T74 CL.

WATCH T74, T74 RS, T74 KL

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Watch T74, T74 RS, watch T74 KL (T 74, T-74)
Watch T74, T74 RS, T74 KL clock designed to display the current time and temperature (depending on which mode is selected).
Technical characteristics of the devices clock T74, T74 RS, watch T74 KL:
Adjustment of hours and minutes by using the buttons on the front panel, remote control-type RC-5.Fixing is carried placards mounted way.
Scoreboard clock T74 supports three modes of operation:
- Displaying the time;
- Temperature display;
- Alternately displaying time and temperature.
Modes of operation of the device clock T74, sets the remote control (Type C) or by using buttons on the front of the scoreboard clock-T74 and on the side panel-clock T74.
Operation of devices clock T74:
Operating temperature range - from +5 º C
Relative humidity - no more than 80% at +25 º C.
Devices T74 hours in a transport container can withstand temperatures from -50 ° C to +50 ° C.