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Frequency CH3-47A electron-counting (CH347A, CH3 47 A, CH-3-47-A, CH-347A, CH 347A, CH347-A, CH347 A)
Frequency CH3-47A electron-counting measures frequency and period of the input signals, time intervals, the DC voltage, the ratio of frequencies and periods, frequency division produces the input signal and counts the number of oscillations, produces a signal with a repetition rate kvartsovannoy.
When working in the unit CH3-47A can serve as a transmitter or receiver.
Technical characteristics of the devices frequency meters CH3-47A electron-counting:
Measurement frequency range - 0MHz-500MGts;
Input voltage range - 10 -4 V-500V;
The relative error in measuring the frequency of H3-47A - δ ƒ = ± (δ 0 + (1 / ƒ x t cq));
Input frequency range in the measurement period - 0MGts-10MHz;
The range of measurement of time intervals:
- Single - 0.1 ms-10 4;
- Average - 1ns-10s;
The resolution of the measurement of time intervals:
- Single - 100ns;
- Average - 100ps;
Measurement error of the average time interval
Δt = ± (δ x 0 t 5 ns 375 ns / SQRT(A))
where N = 1, 10, 10, 2, ..., 10 8;
Dimensions - 133h488h475mm (desktop version); 125h520h475mm (rack version);
CH3-47A Weight - 15kg.