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Adapter-A VIOD.
Adapter VIOD-A (VIOD A)
It is intended to determine, based on the vibration of internal combustion engines, speed and frequency of information transfer devices INFRAKAR, INFRAKAR-M INFRAKAR-D.
The range of permissible speed of internal combustion engines of up to 500ob/min 6000ob/min.
The maximum delay of no more than 2 seconds reading.
Relative measurement error. (1200ob/min ... 6000ob/min) ± 2.5%

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Digital tachometer

Digital tachometer device image.
Digital tachometer
Designed to measure the temperature of various objects engineering, metallurgical, chemical and other branches of industry, to work in a hospital;
Measurement range - from -50 º C to +1800 º C;
Basic error limit - 1,0%;
Control law - proportional.

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Digital tachometerVIOD-A (ВИОД-А)