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Digital tachometer

It is possible effectively delivery of any quantity.
    Digital tachometer
    Digital tachometer has:
     - Measuring range in units of RPM, m/min, ft/min;
     - A wide range of measurement and high resolution;
     - An indicator of low battery voltage.
    Technical characteristics of the devices digital tachometers:
    Display - 5 digits, 31mm;
    Accuracy - ± (0,05% +1 digit);
    Selection range device in a digital tachometer - auto-detection;
    Sampling time - 0.8 seconds (over 60ob/min);
    Memory device in a digital tachometer - the maximum and minimum values ​​and the current value;
    Value - the value displayed will be automatically stored in the memory;
    Time base - quartz;
    Unit dimensions digital tachometer - 195h76h40mm;
    Operating temperature - 0ºC to 50°C;
    The battery device in a digital tachometer - UM-3 AA 1,5 Vh4sht;
    Power Consumption - 50mA;
    Measuring range - 0.5 ob/min-19999 ob/min 0.05 m/min-1999, 9m/min 0.2 fut/min-6560fut/min;
    Division - 0.1 r / min (0.5 ob/min-999, 9ob/min) 1ob/min (above 1000rpm), 0.01 m/min (0.05 m/min-99, 99m/min) 0.1 m / min (over 100m/min) 1fut/min (0.1 fut/min-999, 9fut/min) 1fut/min (more 1000fut/min);
    The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument digital tachometer technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.

Photos Digital tachometer

Digital tachometer device image.
Digital tachometer device image.