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available: 2 pieces
FR-52 phase regulator image.

    Phase shifter FR-52 (FR52, FR 52)
    Phase shifter FR-52 - the device, which is a three-phase asynchronous machine with wound rotor, hindered by the rotary device.
    Number of phases - 3.
    Power Consumption - 2kW.
    Rated primary voltage 220V/380V.
    Rated secondary voltage - 220.
    Load current - 52A.
    Frequency - 50Hz.

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available: 1 piece
Phase regulator FR-52R.
Phase regulator FR-52R (FR52R, FR-52-R, FR 52 R, FR 52R)
Number of phases - 3;
Power to the load - 2kV ∙ A;
Load Current - 5.2 A max.

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