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    Phase shifter FR-52 (FR52, FR 52)
    Phase shifter FR-52 - the device, which is a three-phase asynchronous machine with wound rotor, hindered by the rotary device.

    Number of phases - 3.
    Power Consumption - 2kW.
    Rated primary voltage 220V/380V.
    Rated secondary voltage - 220.
    Load current - 52A.
    Frequency - 50Hz.
    Noise level - 80dB.
    Dimensions - Ø410 × 700 mm;
    Weight - 106kg

    The type designation of the FR-52:
    - FR - phase regulator;
    - 5 - size (nominal size of the package);
    - 2 - conventional stack height;
    - F - a drive mechanism for turning the rotor;
    - I - product performance for a temperate climate;
    - 4 - placement category according to GOST 15150-69.

    Design and operation FR-52
    The basic structural units dephaser DF-52 are the stator, rotor, end shields, drive. Structural features dephaser served in Figure 1.

FR-52 - Dephaser - Structural features.

    Figure 1. Structural features dephaser FR-52

    Phase shifters FR-52 has one terminal box with terminal board for 18 terminals: Terminal 6 - to the primary side, 6 terminals - for the secondary side, and six additional terminals designed to connect end switches.
    The principle of operation dephaser FR-52 is the following: the magnetizing current of the primary coil creates a magnetic flux which induces in the stator and rotor windings of the EBW. Turning the rotor relative to the stator, the rotor EMF smoothly change without changing its value.

    Technical characteristics of the FR-52
    Phase shifter FR-52 rasschitan to work under the following conditions:
    - Ambient temperature - from +1 ° C to +35 ° C;
    - Relative humidity - 65% at +20 ° C.

    Keeping the FR-52
    Phase shifters FR-52 to the assembly should be stored in a shipping container or without indoors with natural ventilation without artificially controlled climate conditions, where fluctuations in temperature and humidity of the air is much smaller than in the open air.
    The environment may be dust and corrosive contaminants that cause corrosion and damage the insulation dephaser FR-52.

    Transportation FR-52
    FR phase shifters-haul transport 52sleduem closed (by rail, ship holds, covered trucks, etc.) or in containers.
    Phase shifter FR-52 during transport must be protected from jolts and bumps. Raising the DF-52 phase regulator must for lifting screws, do it in other ways not allowed.

Photos: FR-52

FR-52 phase regulator image.
FR-52 phase regulator image.
FR-52 phase regulator scheme.
FR-52 phase regulator scheme.