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DSPU-128 KF3.010.034

30 000 RUB   |   30 000 UAH   |  available: 21 pieces
DSPU-128 KF3.010.034 device image.
Transformer DSPU-128 KF3.010.034 rotating multi odnootschetny open-frame (DSPU128, DSPU 128)
Is a two-pole contact four stretch wrapping machines;
Operation - Synchro, VTDP-D;
Current - 190mA;
Nominal voltage - 12V;
Maximum output voltage - 0.025.

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DSPU-360 KF3.010.048

Transformer-360 DSPU KF3.010.048 rotating multi odnootschetny unpackaged.
Transformer DSPU-360 rotating multi odnootschetny open-frame (DSPU360, DSPU 360)
It is a two-pole contact chetyrehobmotochnuyu machine;
Mode of operation - Synchro, VTDP-D.

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DSPU-128 KF3.010.034DSPU-360 KF3.010.048