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6 000 RUB   |   6 000 UAH   |  available: 40 pieces
     Electric motor DC-12 (DS12, DS 12; dc-12; dc12; dc 12)
     Electric motor DC-12 - synchronous electric machine designed to drive tape drives magnetic recording devices and other devices that require a constant speed.
     Rated voltage - 220V.
     Rated supply frequency - 50Hz.
     Power - 12W.

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DS-155A Resolver pin (DS155A, DS-155-A, DS 155 A, DS 155A)
Designed to work in a transformer mode;
Frequency - 400Hz (500Hz);
Excitation Voltage - 100V.

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19 999 RUB   |   8 000 UAH   |  available: 2 pieces
DS-400 resolver image.
Resolver DS-400 double (DS400, DS 400)
Designed to work only in the indicator mode, and a Resolver, which consists of two identical receivers in a single package;
Excitation Voltage - 110V (127V);
Maximum voltage synchronization - 100V;
Shaft speed - 10ob/min.

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