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    Resolver Sensor BD-404NA (BD404NA; BD 404NA)

    Resolver Sensor BD-404NA - Induction system machine inductive coupling is used in automation and control for synchronous and in-phase rotation or pivoting in two or more axes are mechanically connected to each other.
    Current consumption - 0.4 A
    Voltage - 110V.
    Class - 1, 2.
    Power consumption - 16W.
    Selsyns BD-404NA operate on a conventional manual transmission, but the torque is transmitted between the shafts do not gear teeth, and the magnetic flux without direct contact.
    Synchro BD-404NA consists of a three-phase stator winding (wiring diagram - a triangle, or a star) and a rotor with a single-phase winding. Two such devices are electrically connected to each other homonymous pin - a stator with a stator and a rotor with the rotor. Rotors on the same AC voltage is applied. Under these conditions, a rotation of the rotor causes the rotor synchro synchro another.

    Specifications BD-404NA

    The encoder BD-404NA designed to work in a humid tropical climate. Operating temperatures tropical contactless synchro from 3 ° C to 45 ° C, the upper value of the relative humidity 95% at temperatures up to 35 ° C.
    For BD-404NA total warranty period of storage and operation is 6.5 years.

Photos: BD-404NA

BD-404NA front view.
BD-404NA front view.
BD-404NA side view.
BD-404NA side view.
BD-404NA rear view.
BD-404NA rear view.