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Blocker BARER-200 - a device designed to limit access to and control of travel zone protected areas of heightened importance.


Also this device can be called: BARER200; BARER 200.

    Energy absorption capacity - 200 t * km / h (vehicle weight of 32.7 tons at a speed of 60 km / h);
    The travel time from the neutral position to the service - not more than 7c.

    Overall dimensions:
    - In the deployed position - 1700 × 6500 × 4400mm;
    - In position - 1700 × 6500 × 3200mm;
    - Remote control - 120 × 310 × 400mm4
    - Front controls - 590 × 380 × 1400mm.
    - Without retaining ballast - no more than 4m;
    - Holding the ballasts - 12t;
    - Remote control - no more than 4 kg;
    - Front controls - no more than 35kg.

    BARER-200 system can be used at a checkpoint military units and garrisons field of parks, police officers at control points, crossings, travel in areas of social relevance and increased danger of the barrier as an obstacle against unauthorized entry of vehicles.

    The principle of operation BARER-200

    Restricting access barrier system-200 is produced by:
    - Limiting the rate of passage through the PBX checkpoint in the open position as a passive obstacles - "sleeping policemen";
    - Obstacles movement PBX by damaging suspension;
    - ATS arrest in the closed position.

    Specifications BARER-200

    Blockers BARER-200 climb out of ordinary working position for a 5.5-5c. Lowering time of duty in the neutral position of 1.5 to 2 c.
    BARER-200 for passage width is 3500mm. The height of the barrier sheet in the open position - 100mm. The height of the barrier shield Barrier-200 in a standby position - 400mm and closed - 1200mm.
    To lock BARER-200 power supply must be 380V. In this case, the product power consumption of 3kW.

    BARER-200 system is designed to run on the following operating conditions:
    - Ambient temperature - from -45 ° C to +45 ° C;
    - Relative humidity of the ambient air at a temperature of (20 ± 5) ° C - (60 ± 15)%;
    - Atmospheric pressure - (101,3 ± 4) kPa.



Photos БАРЬЕР-200

BARER-200 device image.
BARER-200 device image.
BARER-200 drawing.
BARER-200 drawing.