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DC power source B5-7

Also, this device can be called: B57, B5 7, B-57, B 57.


B5-7 DC power source is designed for powering electronic devices controlled stabilized DC voltage.


Scope: Design, manufacture and tuning of radio equipment.


Specifications power supply B5-7:


Work output voltage range - from 0 V to 30 V.

Rated load current - 3 A.

The main error of the output voltage to the maximum - no more than ± 3%.


Line Regulation:

- When the voltage on the 10% (at 50 Hz) and 5% (for 400 Hz), - no more than ±0,1%;

- When the load on 100% - less than ±0,2%.

The effective value of the voltage ripple B5-7 - 1 mV.

Temperature coefficient of voltage - no more than 0,025%/°C.


Output voltage drift over 8 hours of continuous operation - no more than ±0,2% of the maximum value.

Protection device against short circuits and overloads triggered when the load current exceeds 10-60% of the nominal value 3 A.

Acceptable modulation factor of the load current in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 200 kHz - not less than 10%.


Maximum emission output voltage - less than 5 V.

The number of emission output voltage - less than 5.

Settling time - no more than 2 seconds.

The output impedance of the source B5-7 - less than 2 ohms.

Output connectors insulated from the device.


Dielectric strength output circuits shall withstand without breakdown:

- 500 V DC;

- Voltage 1200 V AC.

Insulation resistance of circuits relative to the housing of the device - not less than 20 megohms, with high humidity - not less than 1 MW; at elevated temperature - not less than 5 megohms.


Power consumption - 250·A.

Continuous operation of the unit - 8 hours.

Interference voltage level at the terminals of the device in the frequency bands:

- From 0.15 MHz to 0.5 MHz - not more than 60 dB (mkV 1000);

- From 0.5 MHz to 2.5 MHz - no more than 54 dB (500 mkV);

- From 2.5 MHz to 20 MHz - no more than 46 dB (200 mkV).

MTBF - 1700 hrs.

Overall dimensions of the power supply - 130x232x466 mm.

Weight power supply B5-7 - 11 kg.


Operating conditions power supply B5-7:


Ambient temperature - from +5° C to +40° C (278 K to 313 K).

Relative humidity at +30° C (303 K) - 95%.

Pressure - 750±30 mm hg. art. (100±4 kN/m2).


Mains voltage - 220±22, 220±11 V.

Supply frequency - 50±0,5 Hz; from 388 Hz to 428 Hz.

Harmonic content - not more than 5%.


The manufacturer guarantees compliance of the instrument power supply B5-7 requirements of the applicable technical specifications under normal use, transportation and storage.

Photos: B5-7

B5-7 device image.
B5-7 device image.
B5-7 front view.
B5-7 front view.
B5-7 side view.
B5-7 side view.
B5-7 rear view.
B5-7 rear view.
B5-7 overhead view.
B5-7 overhead view.
B5-7 bottom view.
B5-7 bottom view.