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    Power supply B5-29
    Also, this device can be called: B529, B5 29, B 529, B-529.
    B5-29 power supply is designed to supply electronic circuits and devices stabilized DC voltage.
    Accuracy class - 3.
    Output voltage - from 2 to 30.
    Allowable load current - 2A.
    Power supplies B5-29 - this compensation voltage stabilizer with advanced key type and line with series regulating element and amplifier feedback.
    Preliminary stabilizer is a switching regulator, built on the principle of pulse position modulation.
    The main error of the output voltage - no more than ±3%.
    The output impedance of power supply AC range from 20 Hz to 200 kHz - 10 ohm.
    Powered by AC - 220±22, 50±0,5 Hz.
    Rated power - 200 V•A.
    Maximum emission output voltage - 2 V.
    Continuous operation time - 8 hours.
    MTBF - 4000 hrs.

    Dimensions - 240x92x176 mm.
    Mass power supply B5-29 - not more than 4.3 kg.
    The design of the power supply B5-29 is a frame formed by a printed circuit board, a rear wall, which radiator device and two sidewalls. Circuit board close the front panel which placed handles speed and smooth adjustment of the output voltage, the LED output voltage, output jacks and toggle the "Network".
    Operating conditions:
    Ambient temperature - from +5° C to +40° C.
    Relative humidity at +30° C - 98%.
    Pressure - 750±30 mm Hg. Art.

Photos: B5-29

B5-29 device image.
B5-29 device image.
B5-29 front view.
B5-29 front view.
B5-29 side view.
B5-29 side view.
B5-29 rear view.
B5-29 rear view.
B5-29 overhead view.
B5-29 overhead view.
B5-29 bottom view.
B5-29 bottom view.