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AV-052-2M (AB-052-2M)

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    Motor AV-052-2M (AV052 2M 2M AB 052; ab-052-2m; ab052 2m; ab 052 2m)

    Motor AV-052-2M - asynchronous rotating electric machine AC rotary speed which the engine speed mode is less than the magnetic field generated by the stator winding current.

    Power - 90W.
    Rated speed - 2850ob/min.
    Rated current - 0.45 / 0.26 A.
    The coefficient of productive activity - 75%.
    Weight - no more than 3.4 kg.
    Mode - continuous.

    Engines AV-052-2M (AB-052-2M) is used to drive a variety of mechanisms in the automation system in ventilation and cooling of electronic equipment, precision machine tools, robotics, refrigeration equipment. When a single-phase electric motors with condenser AB-052-2M is used as an actuator of household and industrial appliances. Usually AV-052M engine used in grinders, drills and lathes, blowers.
    Electric AV-052-2M (AB-052-2M) performed by mounting a flange (IM3601 and IM3602) and the bracket on the paw (IM1001 and IM1002), with one or two departures shaft. On a design engines AB-052-2M - Apparatus closed-cooling (IC0041). Overall dimensions of the AB-052-2M served in Figure 1.
AV-052-2M (AB-052-2M) drawing motorAV-052-2M (AB-052-2M) drawing motor
Figure 1. AV-052-2M (AB-052-2M) drawing motor.

    Specifications AV-052-2M
Engine AV-052-2M has a multiplicity of starting torque of 2.6, and the multiplicity of the maximum torque - 3. Phase-shifting device capacitance voltage of at least 400V is 4.5 uF. The average noise level, which publishes Motor AB-052-2M is 60dB.