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AOSN-20-220-82 UHL4

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Autotransformer AOSN-20-220-82 UHL4 (AOSN2022082 UHL4, AOSN 20220 82 UHL4, AOSN-20-220-82-UHL4, AOSN2022082-UHL4, AOSN20-220-82 UHL4, AOSN20220-82 UHL4)
Autotransformer AOSN-20-220-82 UHL4 - Single-auto-designed for modulating control voltage from 5V to 240V under load without breaking the circuit in various electrical devices.
Technical characteristics of the instrument auto-AOSN-20-220-82 UHL4:
Range of secondary voltage - 5V-240V;
Efficiency of the device autotransformer AOSN-20-220-82 UHL4 - 95%;
Rated load - 20A;
Dimensions - 275h210h408mm;
Unit weight autotransformer AOSN-20-220-82 UHL4 - not less than 30kg.