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    Voltmeter AMV (amb)
    Voltmeter AMV - chetyrehpredelny portable device electromagnetic system designed to measure the voltage in the DC and AC current.
    Measuring range -0 - 600V.
    Voltmeter accuracy class - 0.5.
    Overall dimensions - 232 × 192 × 135mm.
    Weight of the device - no more than 2.2 kg.
    Structural features of AMV

    Voltmeter AMV structurally configured in a plastic dust-resistant rectangular shape. Switching the measuring range by turning a switch mounted on the front of the instrument.
    According to the degree of protection against external magnetic influences voltmeter AMV under the I category.
    Technical characteristics

    Operating position of the unit AMV - horizontal.
    AMV voltmeters have the following measuring ranges: 0 - 7.5 - 15V - 30V - 60V and 0 - 75V - 150V - 300V - 600V.
    The device complies with GOST 8711-60.
    Operating conditions

AMV voltmeters are designed to work indoors at ambient temperatures from -15 ᵒ C to +35 ᵒ C, with relative humidity of 80%. Voltmeter AMV sensitive to shocks and vibrations. 

Photos: AMV (AMB)

AMV (AMB) front view (scale).
AMV (AMB) front view (scale).