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AMV-001 The monitoring of mechanical quantities AMV-001


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Equipment for the control of mechanical quantities AMV-001 (AMV 001, AMV001, amb 001, amb001, amb-001)
    Equipment for the control of mechanical quantities AMV-001 is designed for stationarynary continuous operational control of mechanical quantities and relativetivity vibration turbine generator. AMV-001 allows you to control the following parametersguides:
    - Axial displacement of the rotor OCP
    - Expansion of the rotor relative OPP;
    - Thermal expansion of the turbine housing TRT;
    - The eccentricity of the shaft axis IV;
    - The relative vibration displacement of the rotor RH;
    - TX rotor speed.
    The main functions of AMV-001 are: shfizmerenie current values ​​for each parameter monitored in real time; IIF-formation signal exceeds the measured values ​​of the given levels (two-level signaling); SHF formation of unified output voltage and current signals proportional to the monitored parameter; IIF-holding Self-diagnostic equipment and delivery status signals of channels in general.
    The equipment is a single complex and is built on a block-modular design that allows you to configure it with a different number of channels, and taking into account the specific features of the object in accordance with the problem to be solved at the request of the customer. The structure consists of hardware processing units, eddy current sensors, matching blocks and lines of communication. There are two main types of eddy current sensors: type No. CB2-12 for the parameters of the SRF, IV, OV, TX and LH, DP2 parameters for ORR and TRT. The sensors are installed on site using special alignment tools or brackets.
    Matching blocks are installed directly at the unit in a special protective box. Processing units are installed in 19 "racks. Equipment carried in a rack version as the structural Euromechanics. CPU units have built-in control software that provides processing of measurement, display and control relay outputs, as well as self-test state of the measuring channels. To display the current settings on the front panels of processor blocks are used, digital, dial and LED indicators that show the measured value, the state of the equipment, as well as their adjustment is made by the equipment. equipment has all kinds of standardized output signals (DC current, DC voltage, AC voltage), which allows it to operate in the modern process control systems. 001mozhet Equipment AMB-run explosion-proof and operated in hazardous areas of category B1A.