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AIM-90C Apparatus AIM-90TS.


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Apparatus AIM-90C (AIM90C, AIM-90-C, AIM 90 C, AIM 90C)
Apparatus AIM-90C is designed to determine the breakdown voltage of transformer oil and other liquid dielectrics, working as an insulator in high voltage devices;
Technical characteristics of the instrument sets AIM-90C:
Measuring range of high voltage AC specified accuracy - 10kV-90Sqr;
Outside the main relative error of the machine tool AIM-90C when measuring AC voltage sine wave, 50 Hz - no more than 4%;
Limits of additional error when the ambient temperature in the range of operating temperatures for each 10 º C relative to normal temperature does not exceed half of the maximum permissible basic error GOST 14014-91;
Wave form of the test voltage AC unit apparatus AIM-90C - no more than 5%;
The number of digits digits in the measured value of breakdown voltage - 3pc;
Resolution of the instrument unit AIM-90C - 0.1;
Output voltage (RMS) - 2kV-90Sqr;
Voltage tripping device apparatus AIM-90C - 92kV ± 1kV;
Maximum arcing time in the breakdown of the dielectric - 0.015;
Lift speed, high-voltage device apparatus AIM-90C - 0.5 kV / s ± 0,2 kV / s 1kV / s ± 0,4 kV / s, 2 kV / s ± 0,4 kV / s, 3 kV / s ± 0,5 kV / s, 4 kV / s ± 0,5 kV / s, 5 kV / s ± 0,5 kV / s;
The device has a front panel display:
- The presence of high voltage;
- The current value of the test voltage;
- The number of breakdown and the corresponding values ​​of the breakdown voltage;
- The pause between breakdowns;
- Arithmetic mean value of the breakdown voltage;
- The mean square error of the arithmetic mean value of the breakdown voltage;
- Coefficient of variation;
When using a printer device apparatus AIM-90C provides the output of test print with information: about the test, the value of the arithmetic mean value of the test voltage, coefficient of variation;
The protocol also provides a space to record the date of testing, surname, name and patronymic of the operator, his signature and seal;
The instrument unit AIM-90C is running on a single-phase AC 50Hz and 220V or 230V ± 22V ± 23V (set in order);
Active power consumption device from the network - not more than 0.5 kW;
Overall dimensions machine AIM-90C - no more 490h364h345mm;
Weight - up to 36kg;
Machine life - at least 10 years;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the device unit AIM-90C technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.