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AID-70C Apparatus AID-70TS.


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Apparatus AID-70C (AID70C, AID-70-C, AID 70 C, AID 70C)
AID-70C apparatus designed to test insulation of power cables rectified voltage and solid dielectric sinusoidal voltage frequency 50Hz.
The device is intended for:
- Dielectric diagnosis of power cables and solid dielectric high voltage of negative polarity DC;
- Dielectric diagnosis of solid dielectrics with a sinusoidal voltage with a frequency equal to a power line;
- Generate AC or DC current set value;
Features of the device unit AID-70C, distinguishing it from the proposed equipment on the market this purpose:
- Measuring range AC current - 0.2 mA to 50 mA;
- A relatively compact size and light weight of the device - a high-voltage generator weight 35kg, 15kg control panel;
- The presence of built-in memory which can record the parameters of the five most common types of tests conducted (insulators, surge protectors, switches, cables, 6.3 kV, 10 kV cables, etc.);
- A choice between manual and automatic operation, the last assignment operator provides the value of the test voltage in steps of 1 kV, lifting speed of the test voltage, voltage and current protection operation, the time of the test;
- Display all the information about the parameters and the results of tests on a bright six-inch LCD display;
- Control unit is an encoder, the operator can easily set using the built-in menu user modes of testing and change the necessary settings precision apparatus, for example, during a scheduled gospoverki;
- The ability to output the test print (optional);
- Remote device is made in a convenient plastic case with a shoulder strap for transportation;
- Reliable built-in quick release of residual stress;
Technical characteristics of the instrument sets AID-70C:
The device is intended for use with the following values ​​of climatic factors:
- Ambient temperature from -10 º C to +40 ° C;
- Relative humidity up to 90% at +30 ° C;
- Atmospheric pressure of 84.0 kPa, 106, 7kPa ( Hg);
Measuring range of high-voltage direct current (peak value) - 10kV-70kV;
Measuring range of high voltage AC sine wave (RMS), 50 Hz - 10 kV, 50 kV;
Measuring range DC power unit apparatus AID-70C test dielectric strength - 0.1 mA-10 mA;
Measuring range AC current test dielectric strength - 0.2 mA-50mA;
Outside the main relative error of the instrument unit AID-70C when measuring DC voltage - ± 3%;
Outside the main relative error in the measurement of the AC sine wave, 50 Hz - ± 3;
Limits of basic reduced error device AID-70C apparatus for measuring the DC - ± 5;
Limits of basic reduced error for measuring the AC sine wave, 50 Hz - ± 5%;
Limits of additional errors in the machine tool AID-70C when the ambient temperature in the range of operating temperatures for each 10 ° C relative to normal temperature does not exceed half of the maximum permissible basic error;
Pulsation amplitude of the test voltage direct current - no more than 3%;
Wave form of the test voltage AC unit apparatus AID-70C - no more than 5%;
Control range of high voltage direct current - 2kV-70kV;
Control range of high voltage AC sine wave, 50 Hz - 2 kV, 50 kV;
The device provides intermittent mode, maximum life:
- In constant current mode - 10 minutes;
- In AC mode:
- When the power delivered to a load of 1.8 kW to 2.0 kW - 1 minute;
- When the power delivered to a load of 1.5 kW to 1.8 kW - 5 minutes;
- When the power delivered to a load of 1.0 kW to 1.5 kW - 10 minutes;
- When the power supplied to the load, up to 1.0 kW - 1 hour;
Minimum Off time machine device AID-70C (between two loops) - 5 minutes;
The device provides the greatest operating quiescent current (rms):
- 10mA - in the voltage range from 10 kV to 60 kV;
- 5 mA in the voltage range from 60 kV to 70kV;
The instrument unit AID-70C provides the greatest working alternating current (rms):
- 50mA - in the voltage range from 10 kV to 40 kV;
- 20mA - voltage range from 40 kV to 50 kV;
The instrument unit AID-70C has a safety device to disable the high voltage output when the maximum values ​​of output parameters:
- DC voltage (peak value) value - 74.0 kV;
- AC voltage (RMS) values ​​of - 53.0 kV;
- Direct current (rms) at the limit of measurement 10mA value 10.1 - 12.0 mA;
- AC (RMS) at the limit of measurement 20mA value 20.1 - 24.0 mA;
- AC (RMS) at the limit of measurement 50mA value 50.1 - 55.0 mA;
- Direct current (rms) at the limit of measurement values ​​1mA 1.01 - 1.20 mA;
- AC (RMS) at the limit of measurement values ​​2mA 2.01 - 2.40 mA.
The number of digits digits appliance unit AID-70C with the measured voltage and current is equal to three decimal places;
Warm-up time unit is not more than 2 minutes;
Power consumed by the device apparatus AID-70C AC - no more than 2.5 kW;
Unit is running on a single-phase AC 220V ± 22V or ± 23V and 230V 50Hz;
Dimensions of various components of the apparatus of AID-70C:
- Remote Control - 415x220x345mm;
- High voltage generator - 390x342x645mm;
Weight of various components of the apparatus of AID-70C:
- Remote control-16kg;
- Generator of high-40kg.
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the device unit AID-70C technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.