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Current converter selective A9-1

Also, this device may be called: A91, A9-1, A-91, A 91, a9-1, a91, a9 1.

A9-1 head-current selective targets for measuring alternating current at fixed frequencies in rail connections railways.

Specifications A9-1:

Converters provide a measure of rms AC power rail connections in accordance with the data given in the table below:

Frequency selection Suppression of 50 Hz frequency and its harmonics 1 and 3 Current measuring range Measurement limits

25 Hz

50 Hz

75 Hz

50 dB


50 dB

from 0,05 to 30 A A 0,3 A; 3 A; 30 A
175 Hz 20 dB from 0,05 to 10 A A 0,3 A; 3 A; 10 A

420 Hz

480 Hz

580 Hz

720 Hz

780 Hz

20 dB from 0,02 A to 2 A 0,2 A; 2 A

Suppression of the frequency channel adjacent A9-1 - no less than 20 dB.

Maximum permissible error of measurement of the RMS value of the AC power code sequence in a track circuit:

- At frequencies of 25 Hz and a selection of 50 Hz - no more than ±(5% +2 Ix)

- The remaining fixed frequencies - no more than ±(10% + 2 Ix), where Ix - measured amperage, - LSB unit.

Signals track circuit frequency of 25 Hz or 50 Hz amplitude modulation may be a pulse duration modulating at least 100 ms.

Signals track circuits of fixed frequencies 420 Hz, 480 Hz, 580 Hz, 720 Hz, 780 Hz may have amplitude (tonal) modulation with frequency modulation signal 8 Hz or 12 Hz.

Maximum permissible additional measurement error of rms AC current at the extreme frequencies bandwidth converter A9-1:

- At frequencies of 420 Hz selection, 480 Hz, 580 Hz, 720 Hz, 780 Hz - not more than 1.5% of the basic error limit;

- The remaining fixed frequencies - no more than 0,5% of the basic error limit.

Maximum permissible additional error measurements at ambient temperature changes from normal conditions to the limit values ​​in the operating temperature range:

- Selection at fixed frequencies of 25 Hz and 50 Hz - not more than 0,5% of the maximum permissible basic error for every 10° C;

- The remaining fixed frequencies - no more than 0,3% of the maximum permissible basic error for every 10° C.

A9-1 converter provides an indication of the value of the input AC signal, set a limit of measurement, frequency selection, independent power supply voltage (2-3 from when the device) and its output values ​​(if battery discharge) for the lower limit.

The device provides LED indication of the presence of modulation of the input signal.

Response time - no more than 10 seconds.

The converter has a backlit scale.

A9-1 stores the electrical parameters in the normal range after exposure to its input 30 for a signal is not greater than 300 A.

Setup time converters - no more than 4 seconds.

Mains voltage - 220±22 V.

Supply frequency - 50 Hz±1.

Independent power supply voltage converter - from 3 V to 4,8 V.

Current consumption from the battery - no more than 50 mA.

MTBF A9-1 - at least 30000 hours.

Gamma-percent life - not less than 20000 hours.

Confidence level - 0,9.

Unit Dimensions -190×90×45 mm.

Weight converter - no more than 0,7 kg.

Operating conditions A9-1:


- Ambient temperature - (20±5)° C;

- Relative humidity (65±15)%;

- Atmospheric pressure - 630 mm hg. art. to 795 mm hg. art.


- Ambient temperature - from -30° C to +50° C;

- Relative humidity at +30° C - 90%;

- Atmospheric pressure - from 460 mm hg. art. to 800 mm hg. art.

Photos: A9-1

A9-1 device image.
A9-1 device image.
A9-1 front view.
A9-1 front view.
A9-1 side view.
A9-1 side view.
A9-1 rear view.
A9-1 rear view.
A9-1 overhead view.
A9-1 overhead view.
A9-1 bottom view.
A9-1 bottom view.