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   Ammeter A-140
    Also, this device can be called: A 140, A140.

    A-140 is an ammeter to measure current in DC special ground vehicles and is used in the field of defense and security.

    Ammeters A-140 is a vibration devices magneto DC system.
    The principle of operation is based on the interaction of the ammeter of the magnetic field of a permanent magnet and a current flowing through the winding frame, located in the gap between the poles of the magnet and core. As a result of this interaction occurs torque biasing frame and reinforced her arrow. Torque is proportional to the current flowing through the coil.


    Limits of measurement - 10 A - 0 A - 30 A.
    Scale value - 2 A.
    The method of inclusion - with shunt SHA-140.

Maximum permissible basic error - no more than ± 2%.
    Maximum permissible additional error instruments due to changes in their position from the normal position in any direction by 45 ° - no more than ± 1,3%.
    Maximum permissible additional error caused by the deviation of the ambient temperature for every 10 ° C - no more than ± 1,0%.
    Response time - no more than 3 seconds.

Weight A-140 - not more than 0.4 kg.
    Dimensions (length x diameter) - not more than 79,5 x60 mm.
    Warranty life:
    - For special transport vehicles - 500 hours for 10 years;
    - For other objects - 500 hours for 5 years.

    Operating conditions:

    The ambient air temperature - from -50 ° C to +50 ° C.
    Relative humidity - 30% to 80%.
    Vibration acceleration - up to 20 m/s2.

    Measuring mechanism ammeters A-140 is placed in a metal housing and is mounted on a plastic base. On the front side of the housing is placed bush corrector turn arrows you are installing to zero scale at off current.