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Tachometer 7TE (7-TE, TE 7, 7te, 7TE, 7-TE, TE 7, 7TЄ, 7 TЄ 7 TЄ, 7-te, 7 te)
7TE tachometer is designed for remote measurement of the speed of parts of mechanisms and machines used in various sectors of the economy, in particular, the break-in-brake test bench of internal combustion engines, as well as to control the rotational speeds of separators, turbines, etc.

Technical characteristics of the devices tachometers 7TE:

Ambient air temperature - from -10 º C to +50 º C;
Maximum permissible error of the instrument tachometer 7TE given by:

± (α% ± M)

where α - the accuracy class tachometer, M - an error due to measurement resolution (smallest division of the price level);
Meter tachometer 7TE device designed to operate from a negative polarity signal of any shape or sinusoidal amplitude of 2V to 50V;
The converter provides an output signal amplitude negative polarity of at least 2V, with respect to pin 3;
Measuring range tachometer instrument 7TE must be from 2.0 rev / min to 99999ob/min;
Meter measurement range in the corresponding time of measurement should conform to Table 1;

Output frequency does not exceed 10000Gts and is given by:

F = (A ∙ K) / 60

where F - output frequency, A - a controlled speed of the shaft (r / min), K - number of teeth gear parts;
Minimum output frequency - 20Hz;
Tachometer 7TE consists of:
- Showing the device;
- The primary transmitter;
Meter tachometer can be used as a frequency;
Feeding the meter on AC, 50 Hz ± 1 Hz, 220V 22 V, 220-33B;
The electric power converter device is made from 7TE tachometer gauge circuits;
Sensitivity meter - no more than 12V ∙ A;
Overall dimensions tachometer 7TE:
- Meter - 88h170h232mm;
- Converter - 30h80mm;
- Meter - 2.4 kg;
- Converter - 0.4 kg.

Photos 7ТЭ

7TE device image.
7TE device image.
7TE front view.
7TE front view.
7TE side view.
7TE side view.
R316 (P316) rear view.
R316 (P316) rear view.
7TE overhead view.
7TE overhead view.
7TE bottom view.
7TE bottom view.