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Measurer 2TUE-1
Also, this device can be called: 2TUE1, 2TUE 1 2TUE1, 2TUE-1 2TUE 1.

Measurer 2TUE-1 - a device that included electrical resistance thermometer universal 2TUE-111 and designed for remote temperature measurement of oil and air in an aircraft engine carburetor. Measuring instruments used in the field of defense and security.
The composition meter 2TUE-1 includes two standardized self ratiometer that are installed on a common base pointer in conjunction with resistors of the bridge circuit and placed in a metal splash proof glass side body.
Specifications devices measurers 2TUE-1
Measuring range: -70 ° C to +150 ° C.
DC supply voltage - 27 ± 2,7 V.
Current - 60mA.

Mass measurer 2TUE-1 - no more than 0, 53 kg.
Meter dimensions (diameter x length) - 80h115 mm.
Warranty period - 8 years.
Working hours - 750 hours of flight time.
Assigned resource meter - 6,000 flying hours in three repairs for the life of 20 years.

Maximum permissible error:
- For the temperature range from -40 ° C to 140 ° C - not more than ± 5 ° C;
- For the temperature range from -70 ° C to -50 ° C and 140 ° C to 150 ° C - not more than ± 10 ° C.

Changing the measurer 2TUE-1 may be caused by:
- Changing the position of the device in any direction from the normal position of 90 ° (the value of reading changes - no more than the value of the maximum permissible basic error);
- Deviation from the nominal voltage to ± 2,7 V (the value of reading changes - no more than ± 3 ° C over the operating range of the scale).
Operating conditions 2TUE-1

Ambient temperature - 20 ± 5 ° C.
Ambient humidity - 30-20%.

Photos: 2TUE-1

2TUE-1 measurer image.
2TUE-1 measurer image.
2TUE-1 front view (scale).
2TUE-1 front view (scale).
2TUE-1 side view (casing depth).
2TUE-1 side view (casing depth).
2TUE-1 rear view (connection).
2TUE-1 rear view (connection).
2TUE-1 side view (casing depth).
2TUE-1 side view (casing depth).
2TUE-1 overhead view.
2TUE-1 overhead view.