P320 P320 Calibrator programmable P320
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P320 programmable calibrator is a precision calibrated source voltages and currents, and is intended for use in automated calibration settings, as well as a standalone device for verification of analog and digital devices with DC.

Granted calibrated voltage range - from 10-5 V to 103 103.

Range issued calibrated currents - from 10-9 A to 0,1 A.

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Warranty extension up to 5 years. 

Terms of delivery:

To all regions of the country, international delivery. 

Technical characteristics

Calibrator programmable P320

Also, this device can be called: P-320, P 320.


P320 programmable calibrator is a precision calibrated source voltages and currents, and is intended for use in automated calibration settings, as well as a standalone device for verification of analog and digital devices with DC.


Possibility of manual and software mode selection, installation and limit the output parameter values calibrated voltage or current allows the use of calibrators P320 automated measuring systems and calibration devices.


Specifications P320:


Granted calibrated voltage range - from 10-5 V to 103 103.

Range issued calibrated currents - from 10-9 A to 0,1 A.

Output accuracy calibrated voltages and currents, as well as the maximum permissible error of the relative values of the calibrated voltages and currents after zeroing and calibration are given in the table below:


Limits calibrated

voltages (currents)

Margins of error

relative value

calibrated voltages (currents)

Output accuracy calibrated

voltages (currents)

100 mV ±(0,04·Uк+10) mcV ±(0,05·Uк+10) mcV
1 V ±(20·Uк+10) mcV ±(30·Uк+10) mcV
10 V ±(10·Uк+40) mcV ±(20·Uк+40) mcV
100 V ±(30·Uк+500) mcV ±(40·Uк+500) mV
to 600 V ±(0,03·Uк+5) mV ±(0,04·Uк+5) mV
from 600 V to 1000 V ±(0,04·Uк+5) mV ±(0,05·Uк+5) mV
1 mA ±(0,02·Iк+0,01) mcA ±(0,06·Iк+0,01) mcA
10 mA ±(0,05·Iк+0,1) mcA ±(0,1·Iк+0,1) mcA
100 mA ±(0,05·Iк+1) mcA ±(0,1·Iк+1) mcA


Instability of output voltage (current) calibrator for 8 hours of continuous operation and for 3 months of work without adjusting zero and calibration is given in the table below:


Limits calibrated

voltages (currents)

Instability of output voltage (current)
for 8 hours 3 months
100 mV ±(0,02·Uк+15) mV 20 mcV
1 V ±(20·Uк+15) mV 200 mcV
10 V ±(20·Uк+15) mV 1 mV
100 V ±(0,03·Uк+1,5) mV 15 mV
to 600 V ±(0,05·Uк+15) mV 0.2 V
from 600 V to 1000 V ±(0,1·Uк+15) mV 0.2 V
1 mcA ±(0,1·Iк+0,015) mcA 0.2 mcA
10 mcA ±(0,1·Iк+0,015) mcA 2 mcA
100 mcA ±(0,1·Iк+1,5) mcA 20 mcA


Maximum permissible additional error calibrator when the outside temperature in the working conditions of use for every 10° C is equal to:

- mode SC - maximum permissible basic error;

- using RT - (1·10-4·Iк+1·10-5·In), wherein Ik - a calibrated set value of current, In - current value corresponding to the upper boundary of the set limit.


Maximum permissible additional error caused by the change in the supply voltage of the nominal ±22 V is:

- to within 100 mV and 1 V - 1·10-4·Uк+1·10-5·Un;

- on the other within the calibrated voltage - 1·10-5·Uк+1·10-6·Un;

- for all currents within a calibrated - 1·10-5·In, I n, where Uk - a calibrated voltage setpoint, Un - value of the voltage corresponding to the upper boundary of the set limit.


Level of the effective value of the variable component at the output of the calibrator does not exceed the values given in the table below:


Calibrated voltage limits The variable component in the band
0,3 Hz 100 kHz 1 MHz
100 mV ±5 mcV 300 mcV 500 mcV
1 V ±5 mcV 300 mcV 500 mcV
10 V ±20 mcV 300 mcV 500 mcV
100 V ±200 mcV 1 mV 2 mV
1000 V ±2 mV 5 mV 10 mV


Allowable load current mode KN:

- for voltages up to 150 V - 200 mcA;

- for voltages up to 300 V - 40 mcA;

- for voltages up to 600 V - 30 mcA;

- for voltages up to 1000 V - 15 mcA.


Permissible value of the load voltage mode CT - 100 V.

Calibrators P320 have a protective device against overload.


Protective device provides off calibrator output:

- for voltages up to 150 V - with a load current from 220 mA to 240 mA;

- For other values of stresses - load current from 55 mA to 60 mA;

- at a voltage of 1170±10 V.


When protection indicator lights RESET.

High voltage indicator is activated when a voltage exceeding 175 V.

Calibrator has programmable P320 limiter output voltage (current).


Time to establish a calibrated voltage:

- in the range from 0.1 V to 100 V - 5 s;

- in the range from 100 V to 1000 V - 10 s.


Maximum permissible additional error of the output voltage due to changes in load current from 10% to 100% of acceptable, KH mode is the basic error limit at the limit of 100 mV and a half basic error limit on the rest within the calibrated voltages.


UP connector pins to set the limit and the output parameter:

- command 8·10-1 Un (In) - B;

- command 4·10-1 Un (In) - V;

- command 2·10-1 Un (In) - G;

- command 1·10-1 Un (In) - D;

- command 8·10-2 Un (In) - E;

- command 4·10-2 Un (In) - Zh;

- command 2·10-2 Un (In) - Z;

- command 1·10-2 Un (In) - I;

- command 8·10-3 Un (In) - K;

- command 4·10-3 Un (In) - L;

- command 2·10-3 Un (In) - M;

- command 1·10-3 Un (In) - N;

- command 8·10-4 Un (In) - 5;

- command 4·10-4 Un (In) - 6;

- command 2·10-4 Un (In) - 7;

- command 1·10-4 Un (In) - 8;

- command 8·10-5 Un (In) - 9;

- command 4·10-5 Un (In) - 10;

- command 2·10-5 Un (In) - 11;

- command 1·10-5 Un (In) - 15;

- command 8·10-6 Un (In) - 16;

- command 4·10-6 Un (In) - 18;

- command 2·10-6 Un (In) - 19;

- command 1·10-6 Un (In) - 21.


Level control of the output parameter is carried out in BCD 8-4-2-1.


Connector pins UP to start and turn off the output of the calibrator:

- START command (setting the calibrator to the working position) - A;

- RESET command (reset voltage output terminals of the calibrator) - P.


Disable the output of the calibrator to reset or emergency signal is accompanied by the presence of a logical unit on track connector P UP.


Connector pins to set the UP limit calibrated voltages or currents:

- command 100 mV - C;

- command 1 - F;

- command 10 - T;

- command 100 V - X;

- command 1000 - X, T;

- command 1 mA - Y;

- command of 10 mA - V, T;

- command 100 mA - Y, X.


Commands are made with a signal of logical "1".

All signals are connected to common (pin "0" connector UP).

In the reset state at the output terminals has reverse polarity voltage to 5 V source with a capacity of not more than 10-5 watts.

Signal logic "0" corresponds to the voltage level - from -0.8 V to 0.4 V.

Logical signal "1" corresponds to the voltage level - from 2.4 V to 5.25 V.

Name of the team in the set parameter value is expressed in units of the chosen limit calibrated voltages or currents Un, In.


Test voltage and insulation resistance between the case and P320 isolated dc circuits are presented in the table below:


Calibrator circuit sections between which measures the insulation resistance and dielectric strength tested it Insulation resistance Testing voltage
permanent 50 Hz AC
The first portion The second portion
1.Install the program The combined output terminals "1", "2", "3", "4" Clamp "E" 1 GOhm - -
2. The combined output terminals "1", "2", "3", "4" Clip «╧» 1 GOhm 3,0 kV -
3. Clamp "E" Clip «╧» 1 GOhm 1,5 kV -
4. 220 V Clip «╧» 100 MOhms - 1,5 kV rms.


Setup time calibrator P320 - no more than 1 hour.

Continuous operation of the calibrator, excluding setup time in working conditions - at least 8 hours per day.

Power consumption - over 150 V·A.

Overall dimensions of the calibrator - 488×535×250 mm.

Weight calibrator - not more than 26 kg.


Operating conditions P320:


Ambient temperature - +10° C to +35° C.

Relative humidity at +25° C - 80%.

Calibrator programmable P320 withstands temperatures from -50° C to +60° C.

Mains voltage - 220 V.

Supply frequency - 50 Hz.

Photos: P320

P320 calibrator image.

P320 calibrator image.

P320 front view with the open lid.

P320 front view with the open lid.

P320 front view with the close lid.

P320 front view with the close lid.

P320 side view.

P320 side view.

P320 rear view.

P320 rear view.

P320 overhead view.

P320 overhead view.

P320 bottom view.

P320 bottom view.

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