Repair and calibration of measuring equipment

ZAPADPRIBOR for 20 years carries out repair and calibration of measuring equipment, while using modern equipment. Repair and calibration of instruments is carried out in two laboratories with a total of 24 employees.


All devices are subject to mandatory testing in the Technical Control Department, so the repair is performed quickly and efficiently. Repair is carried out with a full restoration of instrument performance. After repair, we provide a 1 year warranty on all repaired appliances.


Complex domestic and import measuring instruments, equipment for laboratories and production, machine tools and other industrial equipment are subject to repair regardless of the year of manufacture:

- repair of ammeters of direct and alternating current;

- repair of universal, lamp, selective, digital and multimeter voltmeters;

- repair of electronic counting frequency meters, synthesizers and frequency standards;

- repair of universal, storage and special oscilloscopes;

- repair of signal, noise, pulse generators;

- repair of spectrum analyzers, noise;

- repair of attenuators;

- repair of installations for verification and calibration;

- repair of power supplies, voltage stabilizers;

- repair of calibrators and comparators of voltage, power;

- repair of measuring kits;

- repair of combined devices;

- repair of multimeters;

- repair of bridges of direct and alternating current, measures and stores of resistance, capacity, inductance;

- repair of potentiometers of direct and alternating current;

- repair of frequency converters;

- repair of meters for various purposes (meters of power, noise and vibration, voltage, quality factor, modulation, immitance, inductance, capacitance, resistance, frequency response, VSWR and others);

- repair of replaceable blocks to devices;

- repair of machines (turning, milling, drilling, grinding and others).


The cost of repair depends on the type of measuring equipment and is carried out as soon as possible (5-10 days).

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or call:

+7 (495) 374-54-18

+38 (050) 370-91-94


Basic laboratory equipment used for pre-screening and calibration of devices:

- calibration facilities: UPPU-1M - 1 pc., U300 - 6 pcs., UPAV-2 - 2 pcs., U1134M - 2 pcs.;

- dc voltage calibrators: P320 - 5 pcs., P321 - 4 pcs., V1-12 - 2 pcs.;

- exemplary measures of electrical resistance, inductance and capacitance: R4085, R310, R321, R331, R4013-R4033, R5101- R5115, R596 and others, total more than 75 pcs.;

- radio measuring devices: V1-28, V7-46, G3-110, E7-21, S1-83, SVCh-74, F2-34, Ch3-63 and others, total more than 65 devices.


See photos presales devices:


Repair and calibration of measuring equipment in our company meets the basic conditions, namely the presence:

- certified test and process equipment, which is necessary to control the technical and metrological characteristics of devices;

- operational documentation for measuring instruments that are being repaired, repair documentation (if such has been developed by the manufacturer) and other.