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analyzers and testers of electrical equipment

Надежный, воспроизводимый, точный способ проверки состояния подшипников и общего уровня вибрации. More info ...
Надежный, воспроизводимый, точный способ проверки состояния подшипников и общего уровня вибрации. More info ...
Fluke 80i-110s совместим с любым измерительным прибором Fluke ScopeMeter Test, анализатором силовой гармоники, осциллографом, мультиметром или другим устройством измерения напряжения, которое имеет следующие функции: входные разъемы BNC или использование измерителя для преобразования банановых штекеров в разъем BNC с использованием адаптер PM9081 / 001. More info ...
Измеритель вибраций Fluke 810 — мгновенный ответ на ваши вопросы.. More info ...
Инструмент для центрирования вала Fluke 830 идеально подходит для прецизионного центрирования вращающихся валов на вашем предприятии. More info ...
Техники, обслуживающие системы отопления, вентиляции, кондиционирования воздуха, нуждаются в инструментах, которые способны соответствовать их требованиям. More info ...
Техники, обслуживающие системы отопления, вентиляции, кондиционирования воздуха, нуждаются в инструментах, которые способны соответствовать их требованиям. More info ...
Индикатор чередования фаз со способностью выдерживать высокие напряжения для промышленного применения Прибор Fluke 9040 эффективен при измерении чередования фаз везде, где используется трехфазное питание электродвигателей, приводов и электрических систем. More info ...
Уникальный указатель порядка чередования фаз с возможностью вращения электродвигателя Уникальный прибор Fluke 9062 обеспечивает индикацию вращающегося поля и вращения электродвигателя и обладает преимуществом бесконтактного измерения. More info ...
Пониженная сложность измерений, упрощенный рабочий процесс и интуитивно понятный пользовательский интерфейс обеспечивают новый уровень простоты проверки батарей. More info ...
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LLC «Zapadpribor» - a huge selection of measuring equipment for the best value and quality. So you can buy inexpensive devices, we monitor competitors' prices and are always ready to offer a lower price. We only sell quality products at the best prices. On our site you can buy cheaply as the latest innovations and proven equipment from the best manufacturers.


The site includes a special offer «buy at the best price» - if other Internet resources (bulletin board, forum or announcement of another online service) in products presented on our site, the lower price, we will sell it to you even cheaper! Buyers also additional discount for leaving a review or photo of use of our products.


In the price list contains not the whole range of products offered. Prices of goods, not included in the price list can learn to contact the manager. Also, our managers You can get detailed information about how cheap and profitable to buy instrumentation wholesale and retail. Telephone and e-mail for advice on the purchase , delivery or receipt are shown on the description of the goods. We have the most qualified staff, quality equipment and the best price.


LLC «Zapadpribor» - the official manufacturer's dealer test equipment. Our goal - selling high quality goods with best price offer and service to our customers. Our company can not only sell you the necessary instrument, but also offer additional services to its calibration, repair and installation. That you have a pleasant experience when shopping on our site, we have provided special gifts guaranteed to the most popular products.


We also provide such metrological procedure: calibration, tare, graduated, testing of measuring instruments.


The company takes an active part in such procedures as electronic bidding, tender, auction.


If there is no site in the descriptive information you need on the device you can always turn to us for help. Our qualified managers will update for you on the technical characteristics of the device from its technical documentation: user manual, certificate, form, operating instructions, diagram. If necessary, we will take a photo of your device, or a device stand. You can leave feedback on the unit purchased from us, the meter, the device, indicator, or product. Your review for your approval will be published on the site without contact information.

Description of the instruments taken from the technical documentation or technical literature. Most pictures of products made directly by our experts prior to shipment of goods. In the description of the device provided the main technical characteristics of the instrument: nominal measuring range, accuracy class, scale, supply voltage, size (size), weight. If the site you see the discrepancy device name (model) specifications, photo or documents attached - let us know - you will get a useful gift with-selling device.

While the need to clarify the overall weight and size or the size of the individual meter you can in our service center. If you need our engineers will help you choose the most complete analog or a suitable replacement for the device you are interested. All counterparts and replacement will be tested in one of our laboratories with the full compliance to your requirements.

In the technical documentation for each device or product, information is provided on the list and amount of precious metals content. The documentation gives the exact weight in grams of precious metals: Au gold, palladium Pd, platinum Pt, silver Ag, tantalum Ta and other platinum group metals (PGM) per unit item. These precious metals are found in nature in very limited quantities and therefore have such a high price.

On our website you can familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of devices and obtain information on the content of precious metals in devices and radio components manufactured in the USSR. We draw your attention to the fact that often the actual content of precious metals differs by 10-25% from the reference one in a smaller direction! The price of precious metals will depend on their value and mass in grams.

All text and graphic information on the site is informative. The color, shade, material, geometric dimensions, weight, content, delivery set and other parameters of the goods presented on the site may vary depending on the batch of production and year of manufacture. Check with the sales department for more information.

If you can make repairs to the device yourself, our engineers can provide you with a complete set of necessary technical documentation: circuit diagram TO, ER, FD, PS. We also have an extensive database of technical and metrological documents: technical specifications (TS), the terms of reference (TOR), GOST (DSTU), the industry standard (OST) test procedure, the method of certification, verification scheme for more than 3,500 types of measuring equipment from the manufacturer this equipment. From the site you can download all the necessary software (the software driver) is required for the product purchased.

Our company carries out repairs and maintenance of measuring equipment in more than 75 different factories of the former Soviet Union and CIS.

We also have a library of legal documents that are related to our field of activity: the law, code, ordinance, decree, temporary position.