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ZKSH-80K Capturing the V WCS-80KT.


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Capturing the V ZKSH-80KT (ZKSH80KT, ZKSH-80-KT, ZKSH 80 KT, ZKSH80-KT, ZKSH80 KT, ZKSH 80KT)
Capturing the V ZKSH-80KT is designed to consolidate and hold flat or cylindrical samples for tensile test.
Technical characteristics of the devices wedge grips ZKSH-80KT:
Maximum test load - 80kN;
The thickness of the flat samples - 0.2 mm-9, 0 mm;
Diameter cylindrical samples and hexagonal rods complete profile - 4.0 mm-15, 0 mm;
The maximum diameter of the head of the sample (type 6 and 7) - 15 mm;
The diameter of the test wire - 1.0 mm-8 0mm;
Dimensions of one unit grip wedge ZKSH-80KT - diameter (without handles) - 160h270mm;
Weight of seizures - not more than 40 kg;
Materials testing of the device capture ZKSH-80KT wedge: metals, plastics, and other materials within the technical capabilities of seizures;
Sample types: planar, cylindrical, wire, ribbon and round bars, hexagonal and square;
Capture devices and pumps ZKSH-80KT complete set of jaws depending on the mechanical properties of the test materials and the type of samples;
Grippers adapted to the machine design IR 5040-5, 5047-50 IR, IR 5113-100, 5143-200 IR and IR 5145-500, and can be put on earlier models produced P-5, 2054 F-5, IR 5057 -50;
Distinctive features of the V capture device ZKSH-80KT are:
- A wide range of test specimens;
- Reliable mounting of samples with a high degree of hardness;
- Ease and speed when mounted specimens;
To do this, the V capture devices ZKSH-80KT fitted jaws with interchangeable inserts made ​​of materials with high hardness and spherical sponges, ball-bearing runners for the movement of the jaws and the eccentric drive for moving the housing grip when mounted specimens;
Grips are available in sets (upper and lower);
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the V capture device ZKSH-80KT technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.