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Block low-frequency YA4S-68 (YA4S68, YA4S 68, YA4-S68, YA4 S68)
Block low-frequency YA4S-68 is designed for use in spectrum analyzers and other instruments.
Technical characteristics of the devices power-frequency YA4S-68:
The device is intended for use in laboratory and workshop conditions, as well as repair shops and verification bodies at an ambient temperature of 5 º C to 40 ° C, relative humidity of 98% at 25 ° C;
Block low-frequency YA4S-68 can be stored at -68 º C to +50 ° C;
Power supply - 220V ± 4,4 V.

Photos: YA4S-68

YA4S-68 block image.
YA4S-68 block image.