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     Motor VK-262B (VK262B, VC 262B)
     VK-262B electric motor - electric car in which electrical energy is converted into mechanical side effect of heat.
     Power supply - 220.
     Frequency - 50Hz.
     Rotational speed - 7000ob/min.
     Rated current - 0.3 A.
     VK-262B motors used to drive the various mechanisms in the automation system in ventilation and cooling of electronic equipment, precision machine tools, robotics, refrigeration equipment.

VK-262B engines are designed for use in the following conditions:
- Height above sea level - not more than 1000m;
     - Ambient temperature - from -50 º C to +40 ° C;
     - Relative humidity: 95%, temperature 20 ° C;
     - Environment, optimal for the VK-262B engine - without the contents of gases and corrosive fumes that destroy metals and insulation, as well as reduce the motor parameters in unacceptable limits.