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V8-7 voltmeter universal (b87, b-8-7, b 8 7, b-87, b 87)

V8-7 voltmeter designed to measure the universal relations voltage alternating current, consistently arriving at its input when working with measuring lines, polarization impedometer and work on the measurement of antenna patterns.

The device can also be used to enhance the low-voltage alternating current for linear synchronous phase-sensitive conversion of these voltages to the DC with the ability to display digital outputs in relative units.
The presence of the analog outputs for AC and DC power enables the device B8-7 in the automatic systems of control and regulation of the ability to record the measurement result by a recorder.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltmeters V8-7 Universal:
Ambient temperature - from 278K to 313K (5 º C to 10 ° C);
Relative humidity up to 95% at 303K (30 ° C);
The atmospheric pressure 100kPa ± 4kPa (;
Power supply 220V ± 22V 50Hz ± 0,5 Hz.The intensity of external magnetic fields 0 Hz at a frequency of 5 external and internal synchronization
- A wide band mode and the voltage signals from 1mkV 100mkV to no more than 5 A / m;
- In a narrow band modes, and voltage signals from 0.2 mV to less than 20mkV 10A / m;
- For all other cases not more than 50 A / m;
B8-7 instrument provides a measurement of the ratio of AC voltage (measured relations), consistently arriving at its input;
The range of measured relations depending on the mode of the device, the frequency and the magnitude of the voltage input signal corresponds to the table. 1, measurement range 0,10-1 relations provided by four-digit -3.16 digital indicator.Further expansion of the range of measured values ​​to the relationships shown in Table. 1, provided ten-day divisor;
Table 1: Measuring range voltmeter B8-7 relations
The range of measured relations Operating input voltage range Frequency signals Operating mode
by the nature of the signal gain by the nature of the synchronization detector
1-31600 0.2 uV-10000mkV 1kHz, 10kHz narrow band side lock
1-10000 1mkV-10000mkV 0.13 kHz-20 kHz broad band
1-3160 2mkV-10000mkV 1kHz, 10kHz narrow band Internal synchronization
1-1000 10mkV-10000mkV 0.13 kHz-20 kHz broad band
The main error in measuring the relationship of the digital indicator with respect to not more than 1.000
± [0,3 +0,5 (N x -1)]%,
with a minimum voltage of one of the compared signals and at least 1mkV
± [0,3 +0,6 (N x -1)]%,
with a minimum voltage of one of the compared signals less 1mkV,
where N x - measured by the ratio, expressed as a number greater than one;
The basic error of decade divider does not exceed ± 1% in the frequency range 0.13 kHz-10 kHz ± 1,5% and in the frequency range above 10 kHz;
Change the readings B8-7 when the ambient temperature at every 10 ° C within the operating temperature range does not exceed
± [0,3 +0,3 (N x -1)]%,
to measure the digital indicator and ± 0,5% for the decadal divider;
Instrumental error B8-7 in high humidity does not exceed
± [0,3 +1 (N x -1)]%,
for measurements on the digital indicator and polutorakratnogo values ​​for the basic error of decade divider;
Uneven frequency response of the device in a mode not a broad band does not exceed ± 20% relative frequency of 1 kHz;
The bandwidth of the amplifier channel device in the mode of a narrow strip less than 500Hz and 5000Hz at the resonant frequencies of 1 kHz ± 10% and 10 kHz ± 10%, respectively;
Voltmeter B8-7 has a rough and fine adjustment of the gain.Coarse adjustment both spechivaet change gain of at least 10 times, and smooth control - not less than 5%;
The device has a display system overload the input. The threshold of activation of the display is in the range from 10.5 mV to 14mV;
B8-7 instrument measures the ratio of the voltage offset (fed), the constant tone of the source of positive polarity;
The maximum offset voltage is not less than 1V when the source impedance 100 ohms.Offset adjustment - smooth; error of offset voltage on the digital indicator, no more than ± 50 mV;
External synchronization unit B8-7 provides a sinusoidal voltage from 1V to 10V (rms) clock signal must have the same frequency as the input signal and be with him in phase or in antiphase;
The instrument has an amplifier output alternator. The voltage output of the amplifier with sinusoidal input signal, the indicator and a load resistance of 1.000 is not less than 10 ohms is not less than 100mV;
Voltmeter B8-7 has an output of the synchronous detector yannomu constant current.The voltage output of the detector with the indicator and a load resistance of 1.000 is not less than 10 ohms is 100 mV ± 2,5%;
The unit maintains its characteristics after one hundred times the overload on the input;
Input impedance B8-7 for the measured signal is 600 ohms ± 10%. Input impedance for the external synchronization signal is not less than 10 ohms;
The device provides its own specifications after samoprogreva time of 15 min.As the word excessive moisture while samoprogreva is 1 hour;
Nutrition B8-7 is AC 220V ± 22V 50Hz ± 0,5 Hz;
Rated power consumed by the device on the network does not exceed 40V ∙ A;
B8-7 provides its specifications within 8 hours of continuous operation;
MTBF of at least 1,500 hours;
Technical resource unit 10,000 hours, a period of 10 years, the shelf life 5 years;
Dimensions - 502h367h137mm;
Weight B8-7 - no more than 15kg.

Photos: В8-7

V8-7 voltmeter image.
V8-7 voltmeter image.
V8-7 front view.
V8-7 front view.
V8-7 side view.
V8-7 side view.
V8-7 rear view.
V8-7 rear view.
V8-7 overhead view.
V8-7 overhead view.
V8-7 bottom view.
V8-7 bottom view.