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Voltmeter V7E-42 universal electrometer (V7E42, V-7E-42, V 7E 42, V7E 42)
Voltmeter V7E-42 universal electrometer is designed to measure direct currents, voltages, charges and resistances.
A voltmeter can be connected together or separately to 16 signal sources.
The instrument voltmeter V7E-42 provides automatic selection of sub-ranges of measurement, the ability to automatically compensate for background noise, mathematical processing of measured signals on the parameters of the five programs, storing the measured values ​​of 20 for a programmable time interval, calculate the current value of the error of measurement.
The device has an analog output for recorder or oscilloscope bass.
Self-test mode is provided to simplify troubleshooting when you set up and repair. The device automatically corrects errors.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltmeters V7E-42 universal electrometric:
- measurement range
- Current - 10 -15 A-0, 1A;
- Stress - 5 ∙ 10 -5-200V;
- Charges - 5 ∙ 10 -16 10 -5 Ka-Ka;
- Resistance - 1 ohm-October 18 ohms;
The limits of the basic error of measurement instrument voltmeter V7E-42 universal electrometer:
- Current - 4% -0.25%;
- Stress - 0.05% -0.25;
- Charges - 0.5% -0.25%;
- Resistance - 0.25% -5%;
The range of reproducible instrument voltmeter V7E-42 universal electrometer currents - 10 -14 10 -5 A-A;
The limits of the basic error currents play - 0.25% -2.5%;
The input impedance voltmeter instrument V7E-42 universal electrometer - 10 15 ohms;
Power consumption - 80 V ∙ A;
Weight of the device universal voltmeter V7E-42 electrometric - 12kg;
Dimensions - 480h475h120mm;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument in oltmetr V7E-42 universal electrometer technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: V7E-42

V7E-42 voltmeter image.
V7E-42 voltmeter image.
V7E-42 front view.
V7E-42 front view.
V7E-42 side view.
V7E-42 side view.
V7E-42 rear view.
V7E-42 rear view.
V7E-42 overhead view.
V7E-42 overhead view.
V7E-42 bottom view.
V7E-42 bottom view.