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V7-45 (b7-45)

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Voltmeter V7-45 universal (V745, V-7-45, V 7 45, b7-45, V-745, V 745, b745, b-7-45, b 7 45, b-745, b 745)
Voltmeter V7-45 universal designed to measure DC current, voltage, low resistance and high-charge sources.
The instrument provides automatic selection of sub-ranges of measurement, the possibility of mathematical processing of measurement signals from the five programs, storing food. 100 measured values ​​over a programmable time interval, calculate the current value of the error of measurement.
The instrument voltmeter V7-45 universal has an analog output for recorder connection or low-frequency oscilloscope mode self-test to simplify troubleshooting when you set up and repair.Automatically corrects the errors.
It is used in microelectronics, medicine, and chromatography.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltmeters V7-45 universal:
- measurement range
- Current - 10 -17 10 -7 A-A;
- Voltage - 2 ∙ 10 -5-100B;
The limits of the basic error of measurement instrument voltmeter V7-45 universal:
- Flow - 10-0,25;
- Voltage - 0.05;
- Charges - 0.25-0.5;
Temporary instability of the zero level - 10 -17 A / d;
Response time the instrument voltmeter V7-45 universal - 0.2, 1c, 10c, 100c;
Input impedance - 1016 ohms;
Power requirements - 30V ∙ A;
Dimensions of the instrument voltmeter V7-45 universal:
- Measuring unit - 325h285h130mm;
- Integrating remote unit - 100h120h185mm;
Unit weight voltmeter V7-45 universal:
- Measuring unit - 4.7 kg;
- Integrating remote unit - 2.1 kg.

Photos: V7-45 (b7-45)

V7-45 (b7-45) voltmeter image.
V7-45 (b7-45) voltmeter image.
V7-45 (b7-45) front view.
V7-45 (b7-45) front view.
V7-45 (b7-45) side view.
V7-45 (b7-45) side view.
V7-45 (b7-45) rear view.
V7-45 (b7-45) rear view.
V7-45 (b7-45) overhead view.
V7-45 (b7-45) overhead view.
V7-45 (b7-45) bottom view.
V7-45 (b7-45) bottom view.