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V3-41 Millivoltmeter B3-41.


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Millivoltmeter V3-41 (V341, V-3-41, V 3 41, V-341, V 341)
Millivoltmeter V3-41 is designed to measure sine wave AC voltage from 0.3 mV to 300V at frequencies from 20Hz to 10MHz.
Readings are proportional to the mean, and scale to calibrate the effective values ​​of the sine wave.
The device has a separate scale scaled in decibels. Level "0" dB equals 0.775 V.
It can be used as a converter of alternating voltage to a constant level of the effective value of sinusoidal voltage.
By the device is attached to divider DV-109 with division ratio of 1:10, which allows to reduce capacity, supplied to the measuring point.
Technical characteristics of the devices millivoltmeters V3-41:
The range of measured voltages - from 0.3 mV to 300V blocked off 3mV, 10mV, 30mV, 100mV, 300mV and 1V, 3V, 10V, 30V, 100V, 300V.
The range of frequencies, the measured variable voltage device - from 20Hz to 10MHz.
The normal frequency range - 45Hz-1MHz.
The main error of the instrument millivoltmeter V3-41, expressed as a percentage of the final value the limit measure does not exceed ± 2,5% in the range of measurement from 3mV to 1B; ± 4,0% in the range of measurement from 3V to 300V and using an external divider DP-109 for measuring voltages from 30mV to 10V at the limits of the instrument 3mV-1B.
Instrumental error, expressed as a percentage of the final value specified limit of measurement in the normal operating frequency ranges and do not exceed the values ​​shown in Table. 1.
Table 1: Errors of the device under normal operating frequency ranges and
20Hz to 30Hz
30Hz to 45Hz over
45Hz to 1MHz over
1MHz to 5MHz over
Above 5MHz to 10MHz
± 6,0
± 4,0
± 2,5
± 4,0
± 6,0
± 10,0
± 6,0
± 4,0
± 6,0
± 10,0
On the divisor DV-109-1B 3mV
± 10,0
± 6,0
± 4,0
± 6,0
± 10,0
As a linear converter, the device millivoltmeter V3-41 provides a voltage at terminal 1B with an error not exceeding the values ​​shown in Table 1, when applied to the input device of alternating voltage equal to a finite value of the limit of measurement.
Output impedance converter is not less than 1 ohm.
The device has an output of a broadband amplifier with the following parameters:
- Output voltage of 150mV ± 15% (at full deviation index) in the frequency range of 20Hz-5MHz;
- Output impedance of 50 ohms.
Normal operating conditions the unit millivoltmeter V3-41:
- Ambient temperature - 293 K ± 5 K (+20 º C ± 5 ° C);
- Relative humidity - 65% ± 15%;
- Atmospheric pressure 10 5 ± 4 ∙ 10 5 N / m 2 ( ±
Operating conditions millivoltmeter unit V3-41:
- Ambient temperature - from 243K (-30 º C) to 323K (+50 º C);
- Relative humidity - up to 98% (at +35 ° C);
- Atmospheric pressure - (from 6,1 to 10,4) ∙ April 10 N / m 2 ( MmHg);
- Mains voltage:
- 50 Hz ± 1%, 220V ± 10%;
- Frequency of 400 Hz - 3% ...7%, 220V ± 5%.
Change the readings millivoltmeter V3-41, due to ambient temperature deviation from the normal to any temperature within the operating temperature range, less than half the basic error for each 10 ° temperature change.
Error due to deviation of the curve of the measured voltage from a sine wave does not exceed the value of Δ as a percentage, which is determined by the formula:
Δ - additional error in%, U k - amplitude of harmonic component, U 1 - amplitude of the first harmonic to - the number of harmonics.An additional error can be neglected when Δ is ​​less than 0.5 on the basic error.
The device millivoltmeter V3-41 retains its characteristic within the limits of his power at AC 220V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1% or 220V ± 5% frequency of 400 Hz -3 %...+ 7% harmonic content up to 5% .
The instrument can measure voltage in circuits with a dc component. It should be borne in mind that the amount of stress and the constant component of the effective value of the measured voltage should not exceed 350 V.
Input impedance instrument millivoltmeter V3-41 at a frequency of 55Hz at least 4 MW, with an external divider DV-109 is at least 1.0 MW.
Input capacitance is less than 35pF to within 3mV ... 1B 15pF for 3V range ... 300V 15pF and using a divider DV-109.The capacity of each imparted to the instrument cable is less than 80pF.
The device millivoltmeter V3-41 allows for continuous operation for 16 hours while maintaining their performance.
The power consumed by the device on the network does not exceed 15V ∙ A.
Overall dimensions millivoltmeter V3-41 - 328x170x206mm.
Dimensions laying box - 432x290x332mm.
Dimensions of packages - 628x438x582mm.
Unit weight - 6kg, laying in a box - 15 kg, the shipping container - 35 kg.
Warm-up time millivoltmeter V3-41 - 5 minutes.
Time to failure - at least 2,500 hours.