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V3-2A (B3-2A)

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Tube millivoltmeter V3-2A

Also this device can be called: V32A, V3 2A, V-32A, V 32A, V-32-A.


V3-2A millivoltmeter tube is multirange portable device intended for measurement of the effective value of sine wave.

Millivoltmeters designed for use in laboratories, factory shops and repair shops.


Specifications V3-2A:


Measurement range:

- voltage - 10 mV; 30 mV; 100 mV; 300 mV; 1 V; 3 V; 10 V; 30 V; 100 V; 300 V;

- in decibels relative to the zero level equal to 0.775 V (1 mW at 600 Ohms) - -40 dB; -30 dB; -20 dB; -10 dB; 0 dB; 10 dB; 20 dB; 30 dB; 40 dB; +50 DB.

Frequency - from 20 Hz to 1 MHz.


Basic measurement error at an air temperature +20±5°C and total distortion of the measured voltage - less than 1%.

The basic error of measurement in the absence of powerful vibrations and constant or variable magnetic or electric fields:

- in the frequency range from 50 Hz to 400 kHz - no more than ±3%;

- in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 50 Hz and 400 kHz to 1 MHz - no more than ±5%.


Additional temperature error when the ambient air temperature by 1° C in the range of operating temperatures - no more than ±0,3%.

Additional error at increasing THD measured voltage from 1% to 5%, expressed as a percentage of the total length of the scale - less than ± 2,5%.


The input impedance of the device at a frequency of 1000 Hz:

- Limits on measurements from 10 mV to 1 V connected in parallel with a capacity of 25 pF - 1 MW;

- On the limits of measurement from 3 to 300 connected in parallel with the capacity of 15 pF - 1.8 MW.


Operating position voltmeters - vertical.

The housing - splash proof.

Insulation resistance - not less than 50 megohms.

Power - AC frequency of 5 ±5 Hz 110 V, 127 V or 220 V±10%.

Power consumption - no more than 60·A.


Dimensions - 270×210×190 mm.

Mass voltmeter - 9 kg.


Scheme millivoltmeter V3-2A consists of an input stage, a broadband amplifier with negative feedback, the detection stage, internal calibration circuit and power supply.

All items in the device mounted on a horizontal chassis with vertical panel placed in a metal casing. All controls and control located on a vertical front panel, lockable removable cover.


Operating conditions V3-2A:


Ambient temperature - +10° C to +35° C.

Relative humidity - 80%.

Photos: V3-2A (B3-2A)

V3-2A (B3-2A) device image.
V3-2A (B3-2A) device image.
V3-2A (B3-2A) view panel of the device.
V3-2A (B3-2A) view panel of the device.
V3-2A (B3-2A) side view.
V3-2A (B3-2A) side view.
V3-2A (B3-2A) rear view.
V3-2A (B3-2A) rear view.
V3-2A (B3-2A) overhead view.
V3-2A (B3-2A) overhead view.
V3-2A (B3-2A) bottom view.
V3-2A (B3-2A) bottom view.