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V2-39 (b2-39) Nanovoltmeter B2-39.

V2-39 (b2-39)

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Nanovoltmeter V2-39 (V239, V-2-39, V 2 39, V2-39, V-239, V 239, b239, b-2-39, b 2 39, b-239, b 239)
Nanovoltmeter V2-39 is designed to measure DC voltages of both polarities in a wide range.
The device has a built-in functions such as digital filtering and storage, followed by the issuance of the interface, analog output, or to display 100 results.
The ability to self-calibration and the ability to compensate for external destabilizing factors makes the device easy to use.
Special features nanovoltmeter V2-39:
- Sensitivity - 1nV;
- High accuracy measurements of 0.004%;
- Interface IEEE-488;
- Analog output;
- Self-diagnostics.
Technical characteristics of the devices nanovoltmeter V2-39:
Measuring ranges - 200mkV, 2mV, 20mV, 200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V, 1000V (2000V);
Resolution - 1nV, 10nV, 100nV, 1mkV, 10mkV, 100mkV, 1mV, 10mV;
Measurement error of the instrument nanovoltmeter V2-39 - 0.004% -0.01%;
Input impedance:
- BAND 200mkV, 2mV - not less than 30 MW;
- At ranges 20mV, 200mV, 2V, 20V - not less than 1 GOhm;
- On the range 200V, 2000V - not less than 10 MW;
Temporary instability of the zero-level device nanovoltmeter V2-39 - 5nV/chas;
Temperature instability of the zero level - 2nV/gradus;
Response time unit nanovoltmeter V2-39:
- Ranges 200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V, 2000V - 2c;
- Ranges 2mV, 20mV - 6c;
- Ranges 200mkV - 30c;
Backlight compensation component of the instrument nanovoltmeter V2-39 - 1nV-190mkV;
Power - 220V, 50Hz;
Consumed by the device nanovoltmeter V2-39 Power - 30 V ∙ A;
Operating Temperature - 5 º C-40 º C;
Dimensions - 100X268X350mm;
Unit weight nanovoltmeter V2-39 - 3.8 kg.